Sunday, December 28, 2008

First Christmas

Rylee survived her first Christmas! She slept through most of it but was a trooper the whole day. She got so many great gifts but really did not need much since she has EVERYTHING a little baby could need. Except some more Desitin cream which we are on our way to the store to get. Poor thing! We have gone through 2 whole tubes in 7 days. Oh the joys of antibiotics! Here are some pictures of our first Christmas with Rylee Rose! (Hope there are enough pictures on here Karissa!)

Tyler Grace being a great big cousin and watching Rylee Rose. She shares all her stuffed animals with Rylee. I think she even shared Ellie for a minute!

Watching everyone open their presents. Her favorite gift was the container of formula from the Howell family! She LOVES food!

A couple minutes later...she passed out. (The Cabbage Patch doll's name is Rylie. Grandma Bobbi found that one! YAY!)

Pooped! Fell asleep again while opening presents.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Not always peaches and cream....

My sister claims that I have a "good" baby and I have no complaints so far. I don't know what to compare her to but to me...she is perfect! Then comes the two week doctors appointment on Thursday. Before the doctors appointment at 1:00, I meet my sister at Fashion Square for some Christmas shopping. Rylee sleeps the entire time, not opening her eyes for anything. We then get to the doctor's office. It's about feeding time so I knew that it wasn't going to be good. I was by myself so I thought that I would carry her in minus the car seat. I think that was mistake number one. So we walk into the office and OH my goodness....the things that could go wrong.

1. Lady at the front desk informs me that Paul's insurance company still has no record of Rylee. Great! My insurance has already sent me a card for Rylee and Paul's insurance can't even write her name in the computer! I told her I would call her with a number when I got one.
2. I then ask her to write me a letter of prior authorization for the pediatric dermatologist that we have to see for Rylee. She then looks at her and asks why she needs to see the dermatologist. I look at her for a full good minute and was so confused on why it was her business. I said it was for the spot on her head and we were seeing Dr. Hansen at Phoenix Children's Hospital. Well then she decided to tell me a five minute story about how her daughter went there and he is the only pediatric dermatologist in Arizona and he is really good. All the while, I am still holding Rylee.

3. I decide to change Rylee's diaper before the appointment since we were early. Signed in about 12:35 for my 1:00 appointment. So it's probably 12:45 now after all the kafuffle at the front desk. So off to the bathroom with the tiny changing table inside. I put her down, start to change her and she piddles all over which then goes onto her outfit and the new diaper too. So now not only do I have to change her diaper, I have to change her outfit....all on the tiny little changing table hanging from the wall that I feel is going to collapse at any second. SUPER!

4. Back in the waiting room it's about 12:55 so I thought I would try to make a bottle for her so she would have something in her stomach before the doctor. So I realize that I can't make a bottle and hold her at the same time (Silly me left the car seat in the car) so I put her blanket on the ground, lay her on top and start to get everything out for the bottle. Right after everything is out, the nurse comes through the door "Rylee!" Seriously!?! Could that not have happened 5 minutes sooner! So I put everything back away, scooped up my child off the germ infested floor and went back to the room.

5. The nurse tells me to undress Rylee, including diaper. Now she is not really happy since we just spent 10 minutes in the bathroom DRESSING her from the piddle incident.

6. Love the doctor! He comes in, does his 2 week inspection all while Rylee just stares at him. He must have one of those voices or something because she is super quiet! During this "inspection" he notices an infection in her left boob area and her finger has an in-grown nail so it's all red. So he prescribes an antibiotic and tells me I need to apply a warm washcloth on the red boob area twice a day 15 minutes each time. And I need to come back Friday morning so he can check it again and make sure we don't need to see a surgeon to drain it. SUPER!

7. The nurse comes back in for the second round of the PKU test and tells me I need to hold Rylee during this process. First of all...I don't like needles so I guarantee that when you bring them around my daughter...I am going to like them LESS. So the nurse pricks her foot, I am sweating to death, Rylee is screaming in my ear and the nurse is gathering blood. Great times!

8. Rylee is all dressed after a good 5 minutes, I make a bottle while she is screaming and laying on the table and then out of the room we head.

9. We stop at one desk to make an appointment for the next morning and head to the next desk to pay. We stood at the desk, Rylee screaming and all, and waited for awhile before someone checked us out.

10. We leave and Rylee is still crying so I decided to feed her outside on a bench in the cold Arizona December weather. (It's cold for us.) After my doctor's receipt flew away and the burp cloth landing on the dirty wet ground, we are finally eating.

11. Off to Target pharmacy to get the antibiotic filled. This could be interesting. Filling a prescription for a child that supposedly doesn't have insurance. Oh wait...not that easy...they don't have the prescription. Off to CVS pharmacy...Oh wait...they don't have it either! The nice pharmacist at the CVS decided to call around and find it for me. I must have looked a little stressed. He finally found it at the second CVS he called. So off we go to our third pharmacy.

12. We finally have our medicine!! I decide to eliminate the story about the insurance issue and decide to pay out of pocket price and get reimbursed later.

13. 3 hours after the start of the appointment we are finally home!! EXHASTED!!

I know it's only going to get crazier but as a mom of two weeks...that's crazy enough for me! Good news though, after the doctors appointment today...she is looking SO much better! The doctor was very pleased. The redness and swelling had gone down so much. We go back in 9 more days. Hopefully no surgeon for us! I never know when to schedule these doctors appointments since Rylee is not on a schedule yet, it's hard to know when she is going to eat. Oh the drama!
I know there are worst things in life and we are so blessed that she is a happy healthy girl!! How could you not go through all that exhaustion for this....

So dang cute!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rylee Rose Thomson

She is already a week old today and it's my first post. So sad. Just a couple of pictures from her first week of life! She was born on December 4, 2008 and weighed in at 8 pounds, 8 ounces and was 20 inches long! So big! We are super proud parents and think she is just perfect!

Paul, myself and Aunt Colleen all ready to go!

Aunt Lorna got to be a part of it too as the best nurse ever! Triage has never been so fun!

One of Rylee's first pictures!

All cleaned off! So sweet!

Mommy changing her first diaper. Just checking for poop! Would you believe it was coming out as I was checking! Just my luck!

Getting her first bath before she went home. Aunt Lorna helped with this one! I am sure Rylee will love to know that I posted this on the internet when she gets older.

Going home! Thanks Aunt Colleen for the cutest outfit ever!

Survived my first trip to the doctors office. All the nurses LOVED my outfit and bow!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day and Hospital Visit #1

No better way than to spend Turkey Day from 1:30 in the morning to 3:30 in the morning at the hospital. That's right....Hospital Visit #1 many more to go? When do they finally keep you with the pains you are having? After 1 1/2 hours of laying in bed with contractions 2 minutes apart, they could not tell if it was early labor or labor or what it was for that matter so they sent me on my way. My doctor was the one on call so I was secretly hoping that it would have been this morning that Rylee made her apperance, but doc must have been having a pre-Thanksgiving party because he sure sounded tired on the phone and was making no effort of coming in for a c-section at 3 in the morning. Now the other doctor of the group (that I am not too fond of) is on call and I don't know when they switch again!

This is probably all due to the fact that I did TWO things yesterday that are "suppose" to induce labor. Waxing and a pedicure! Maybe Rylee will be coming early....but the nurses will not be talking about how I don't have cute toes! Check them out....HOW CUTE ARE THEY!?!....I just LOVE them! Let's not concentrate on the SIZE of the toes...but more of the paint ON the toes!

Friday, November 21, 2008

One Contraction Down....

....Many more to come!!
Yesterday was my 37 week check-up at the doctor's office. While driving there, I experienced the most PAINFUL side cramp EVER!! I really thought I wasn't going to be able to get out of the car and walk into the office. But I managed to get myself there and walk in and tell the receptionist that I had the most painful feeling in my side. She looked at me like I was nuts and this was normal. She then asked me if I had an appointment. (No lady...I thought my best bet was to drive straight here with my pain.) She then proceeded to spend 5 minutes (it felt like 5) to find the nurse and the doctor and then come back and tell me to take a seat and wait, they should be with me shortly! I know I still have 2 more weeks (13 days to be exact!) and I know that I am not the only pregnant lady to feel this pain but they obviously don't know me and pain. Well the pain went away by the time the doctor came in, I haven't dilated anymore and was sent on my way. On the way out he said, call me if you feel anymore of those! I replied, "Oh I will be calling you, don't you worry!" Ugh! I should have just scheduled this C-Section earlier! She would eventually learn to deal with sharing a birthday with Thanksgiving every 10 years or so! :o)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

U.S. Citizen

On November 19, 2008, Paul became a U.S. Citizen. The ceremony was held at University of Phoenix Stadium since there were SO many people becoming citizens along with him. 2,178 people from 117 different countries gathered together to become citizens of our great country, the U.S.A. Considering there were so many people, the pictures are very limited and you can barely see him but we tracked him down and got one good one.

Yay and Congratulations to Paul!! He was SO excited.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

We are READY!!!

After a long day of working yesterday, mostly Paul, but with some assistance from me, Rylee's room is finally ready!!! YAY! We didn't even leave the house once, ALL DAY! Here are some before and after shots of her room.

The room all cleaned out, ready to go. New carpet and all....

A shot of the room from the doorway.

Changing table and wall decals.

Her crib and name on the wall.

Crib and wardrobe.

Thanks to my sister and Tyler for some of the greatest furniture ever! Now we just wait for Rylee Rose to come home and use it all! Only 17 more days.....

Friday, November 14, 2008

20 more days to go....

We had our 36 week appointment yesterday and we are moving right along. Only 20 more days (or less) to go and we are ready! (I think we are ready....) The doctor said I am already dilated to a 1 and if I have any contractions to call him. I had a talk with Rylee and told her if she stays in there until after Thanksgiving it would really benefit her in the long run because if she comes out early then all she gets to drink is milk. But if she stays in there until after Thanksgiving, she gets to have turkey, potatoes, apple pie.....oh the list goes on!! And of course I will get to have all that the comfort of my grandparents house...not a hospital bed.

I had to add a picture of the feet from yesterdays you could all see that I was not exaggerating. (One lady at work who had twins, saw my feet and said "Oh my Gosh!" You know it's bad when she didn't even have feet this size while she was pregnant with twins!)

My Big Feet. As you will notice, the flip flops have so much room on top of my toes because the flops don't fit all the way on the foot.

You can actually see the indentation marks that the flip flops are leaving on my feet! When did flip flops become tight!? I don't know what else I would wear besides slippers....

Blogs to come: Rylee's Room soon to be finished! Paul's Oath Ceremony to become a U.S. Citizen!! Wahoo!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ankles? What ankles?

Oh I wish I had a camera right now! My feet look like JUMBO feet. They are SO huge!! They have doubled in size, I don't have ankles on either sides of my feet, and my flip flops (which are the only shoes that fit me right now) have let indentation marks on my feet!! Thank goodness for a laid back dress code at my school because I can't imagine going and buying new shoes for three more weeks. That's right....3 more weeks to the day! That is the ONLY thing putting a smile on my face right now!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Weekend Blog

So I didn't make it!! I didn't blog everyday during the month of November. I could have just sat down this morning, made up four different blogs and dated them all the different days...but truthfully, I guess Paul and I aren't that exciting because I wouldn't even have four different things to blog about! I will just wrap all my weekend adventures into one "Weekend Blog" and call it a day. I will get back on track and maybe make it to the end of November.
We started off our weekend with Jackson's Fun Run from his preschool. Jackson and Tyler got to run in a "race" while we all stood and cheered! They both did an awesome job!!

Ty Ty running on the left.

Jackson's action shot that Paul loves! Look at his hair flying in the wind!

Then it was off to celebrate Paul's 40th birthday. Yes, there was suppose to be a big 80's themed party and we were going all out for his 40th but I didn't plan it. You get to be 8 months pregnant, with a baby shower, a wedding shower, a wedding and parent/teacher get a VERY overwhelmed person. So sorry to all those who were looking forward to dressing up 80's style....maybe another time. I know I was disappointed, especially after seeing that they sell leg warmers in the store now!! So there is one picture of Paul at his family birthday party bowling. (Camera died right after this picture!)

Then on Sunday, we were off to IKEA to get the rest of Rylee's furniture for her room. So nursery pictures should be coming very shortly. Depending on how hard this furniture is to put together. (Hopefully not very hard!!) Then the rest of the day was spent celebrating Pat's birthday with lots of football watching. Not a fan of Fantasy Football right now....

Friday, November 7, 2008

Do doctors make house calls?

Being 36 weeks along in my pregnancy I thought that I would research what to bring with you to the hospital. I used the site that I get weekly updates from regarding my pregnancy so I thought that I would stick with them. This is what they suggest.....(my comments are in red next to them)

You may want to pack two small bags for the hospital or birth center: one for the items you'll need during labor and another for items that you won't need until after you give birth. Here's a list of things that experienced moms recommend packing. You may also want to ask your caregiver, childbirth educator, or doula for tips on what to bring.

For labor
• Your birth plan. (The plan is to get the baby out!!)

• Your insurance card and any hospital paperwork you need. (Isn't that why we PRE-register?)
• Your eyeglasses, if you need any. Even if you usually wear contacts, you'll probably need or want to take them out at some point during your stay.
• Toiletries. Include items you might want during labor and your postpartum stay, such as lip balm, a toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, a brush and comb, and makeup, if it's important to you. Hospitals will have soap, shampoo, and lotion, but you might prefer your own brands. Don't forget a hair band and barrettes, if you think you might want them.
• A bathrobe, nightgown, slippers, and a couple of pairs of socks. Hospitals provide gowns for you to use during labor and afterward, but most will allow you to wear your own clothes if you prefer. Choose something loose and comfortable that you don't mind getting ruined.You'll need to wear a gown instead of pants so that your practitioner can check your cervix. Choose one that's either sleeveless or has short, loose sleeves so your blood pressure can be checked easily and so you can slip the gown off without difficulty if you want to change and have an IV in place.You might also want to bring your own slippers and robe for walking around during the early stages of labor. If you don't want to risk soiling your robe, you can ask for a second hospital gown to wear as a robe to cover your backside. (I was already told not to bring my own hospital gown by my sister-in-law. I had mentioned I had seen Tori Spelling wear a REALLY cute one while delivering Baby Stella....but the suggestion was shot down.) :o)
• Something light to read, if you're so inclined. (This might be especially helpful if you're heading to the hospital to be induced and might be there quite a while before you have any serious contractions to deal with.) (I really don't think that's what people are doing while waiting for their baby to come....pulling out the latest book on Oprah's Book Club List and reading.)
• Massage oils or lotions, music, an extra pillow, whatever you need to help you relax. (If you do bring your own pillow, be sure to use a patterned or colorful pillowcase so it doesn't get mixed up with the hospital's.) Consider bringing tennis balls or a rolling pin in case you have back labor and need them for massage. (I don't think that me, trying to remember a rolling pin on our way out the door, is going to make me relaxed...)
• Talismans, a picture of someone or something you love, anything you find reassuring. (Isn't your husband suppose to be the reassuring part? Or is this the time when you want to kill him? So I have heard....)

For your partner/labor coach
• Money for parking and change for vending machines. (A quick stop at the ATM on the way..)

• A few basic toiletries, such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant.
• A change of clothes. (Who is going to care what he is wearing anyway...)
• Some snacks and something to read during the early stages. (If I can't eat...he sure as hell isn't eating anything!!!)
• A camera/video camera with memory card and batteries (or film or tape). Someone has to document the big event! (Note: Not all hospitals allow videotaping of the birth itself, but there's usually no rule against taping during labor or after the birth.) (There will be NO taping of anything going on down there!)
• A bathing suit. If your partner wants to take a bath or shower during labor, you may want to jump in with her. (This one just kills me! This is not the time for them to be taking a shower and I highly doubt I would want to jump in too!!)

• A fresh nightgown, if you prefer to wear your own. (Nope, those hospital ones will be comfy enough for me....) NOT! I will be there for 4 days...I think I will want to be comfortable. I wonder if you can bring your own mattress too....hmmm...

• Snacks! After many hours of labor, you're likely to be pretty hungry, and you don't want to have to rely on the hospital's food. So bring your own — crackers, fresh or dried fruit, nuts, granola bars, or whatever you think you'll enjoy. A bottle of nonalcoholic champagne might be fun for celebrating, too. (If I am going to go through the trouble of buying ANY champagne, it is going to have alcohol in me!)
• A nursing bra, breast pads, and maternity underwear. Chances are, whatever underwear you do wear the first few days will get stained, even with sanitary pads (which the hospital provides). (Something to look forward to....)
• Your address book and prepaid phone card or cell phone. After the baby's born you'll want to call family and friends to let them know the good news. Some hospitals don't allow cell phones to be used in the labor and delivery area, so you may want to ask about it ahead of time. (An address book....what a novel idea...just the time I would want to sit down and start addressing some envelopes!)
• A going-home outfit. Bring something roomy and easy to get into (believe it or not, you'll probably still look 5 or 6 months pregnant ) — along with a pair of flat shoes. The last thing you'll be worrying about when you go home is whether your outfit is fashionable. (At last...a sensible suggestion from them!)

For your baby
• An infant car seat. You can't drive your baby home without one! In fact, you'll want to have the seat properly installed ahead of time, and you'll want to know exactly how to correctly buckle in your baby.

• A going-home outfit (one-piece stretchy outfits are easiest) and a snowsuit if it's very cold. Include a pair of socks or booties if the outfit doesn't have feet.
• A receiving blanket (a heavy one if the weather's cold) (What do they consider "cold"? Arizona in December cold....or Chicago in December cold?)
• A cap (although they'll usually give you one at the hospital) (Because those are stylish hats...every baby is wearing the SAME one!)
• Baby nail clippers or emery board. (Never a better time for Rylee's first mani and pedi!)

What not to bring
• Jewelry (Not like it fits anymore anyway..)

• Lots of cash, credit cards, or any other valuables (Who has lots of cash anymore anyway...)
• Work. Yes, we actually know fast-track types who have sent business e-mails from the hospital room, made work-related phone calls, and reviewed spreadsheets. But we don't recommend it. (Dang...I told my principal that I would be able to send lesson plans while I was in the hospital...Guess I will have to tell her that Babycenter told me not too....)

Ok, granite I have never done this before...but seriously...can't the doctor just come to your house and do the delivery so you don't have to rent a U-haul to get to the hospital? And Paul thought I was nuts when I said I needed a Sequoia for the third row. I need it just to get to the hospital before the baby is even BORN! I am going to need a Suburban to get home from the hospital! CRAZINESS.....

P.S. I know I am going to get some comment about how you really do need one of these items that I listed as "Seriously..." But like I said before...I have never done this before.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's only Day Four of blogging and I already ran out of things to blog about!! So sad. It doesn't help when you get home from work at 5 and then fall asleep at 7. That doesn't leave much time for anything exciting to happen to two tired people.
We went to the doctor yesterday, had our 10 minute appointment where you pee in the tiny cup, they take your blood pressure, hear the heart beat, ask "any questions?" and then you are on your way out. Starting next week, I start weekly appointments...wahoo! Rylee's heartbeat was 140 beats per minute..."she's still cooking" in there as Paul likes to say.
If only I could blog about parent/teacher conferences....that could be entertainment right there!!! 8 down...18 more to go! Oh how I wish I could drink during these days! :o)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"Good Pictures"

About a week ago, Paul wanted to take tummy pictures so I let him try to be all fancy with the camera. (He LOVES black and white pictures) They aren't too I thought after yesterdays bashing Paul's photography skills, I would post some of his good ones. Even though my tummy feels like it is getting bigger by the minute, I will still post my tummy picutes.

Good thing I let him take these last week since I feel like my tummy has doubled in size since then!

I am so glad that this National Blogging Month is November and not December because I can't even imagine doinig this while in the hospital with a newborn! Although my blogs would be MUCH more exciting!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"Wedding Pictures"

I was in a wedding on Saturday for my friend Tricia, who I have known since grade school. I mentioned yesterday in my blog that we would have to wait until the photographer at the wedding posted the pictures for everyone to see my big belly. Well my sister decided to remind me that Paul did take pictures and I would love to share what came from this "Master of Photography" and we will all see why I wasn't going to post the pictures. The last two are probably the better of the bunch but that is because I was standing right in front of him. I don't even think the drinking had started yet....

That would be me, walking down the aisle, but you can't really tell since it's blurry. :o)
You would thing we knew the guy in the blue shirt and khaki pants, but we don't. That would be the "Master in Photography" trying to take a picture of Tricia but all we got was the veil.

I don't even know how to explain this one.

One of the "better ones"

Me at the end of the wedding!

This is not supposed to be a blog bashing Paul's photography skills, but just to prove that he really didn't take pictures of the wedding. This is all I have. November 15th isn't too far away too see the beautiful day that it was! Paul isn't a bad picture taker...just not very on top of things once the drinking starts. Notice...there are NONE from the reception! :o) I will find some good pictures that Paul has taken for a later post in November....26 more posts to go! :o)

On a good note though, Paul did make me dinner last night and it was yummy! Exactly one month until the arrival of Rylee Rose Thomson.

Monday, November 3, 2008

National Blog Posting Month

So I guess November is National Blog Posting Month and you have to blog once a day for 30 days. I am not too far behind so I thought I would give it a try. I will have to think of something to write about for the next 28 days but I am sure I can try.
I could post pictures from my baby shower but I am waiting on my sister to download them to shutterfly....
I could post pictures of Rylee's Room but it's only 80% done.......
I could post pictures from the wedding that I stood up in on Saturday but I left taking the pictures to Paul so I think there is about a total of ONE picture. (Word of advice...don't give the drunk guy the camera!!) So we will have to wait till the ones from the photographers website to be available on Nov. 15th.
So there are many things to look forward to....just none ready yet!
So for now, this is my boring blog for Monday, November 3, 2008. I will try to have a more exciting week of posting with a doctor's appointment on Wednesday and parent/teacher conferences all week...who could ask for a more exciting week!?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rylee's Birthday will be....

I am such a planner that ever since I heard I had to have a c-section, I have been asking my doctor (who is a male) when we can schedule the date because I wanted the earliest appointment on that date. I heard that you couldn't eat for 12 hours before hand so I wanted to make sure that I was in right away so I didn't have to sit around all day wanting food. So every time I went to the doctor I would ask him, "When can I schedule my c-section?" He then replies "Oh, there is no hurry, Banner Baywood is never busy." So off I would go and then try again the next time and leave with the same response. So finally, I got to schedule the day I wanted on Wednesday. I said the earliest appointment on December 4 please. You know what the lady calls me back with? 12:30 in the afternoon!!! Are you kidding me?!? Seriously, men should listen to pregnant women and schedule their c-sections when they want! Just because they don't care when they slice you open...sometimes the hungry pregnant lady does! First complaint of my awesome doctor so far so I guess I should be happy. Here is what my doctor looks like....NO JOKE!!

So December 4th at 12:30 in the afternoon will be the arrival of Rylee Rose Thomson.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Baby Shower at School

The wonderful ladies that I work with threw me a Surprise Baby Shower on Friday after school. It was so wonderful and I received many adorable presents. They all chipped in for the cutest pack n' play and then got some precious outfits. Just a couple pictures to share.

The adorable pack n' play next to me

Just one of the many cute outfits for Rylee Rose

Upcoming Events-So excited!-

Wednesday the 22nd: Next doctors appointment. We get to finally schedule the C-Section! Hoping for December 4th and no bed rest!! (My sister thinks I look like a big puffy marshmellow since my feet and fingers have doubled in size!) I think I have doubled too since it took 32 weeks to gain 10 pounds and now I am 33 weeks and I have gained 20!! One week and I gained 10 pounds!! What's up with that? I have a wedding in 2 weeks and have to still fit into my bridesmaid dress that I just got! I am more hungry now than I have been for the past 32 weeks and now I can't eat....go figure!!

Saturday the 25th: Carpet coming for the nursery!! We can finally get started putting together Rylee's room!!

Sunday the 26th: the next Baby excited!!! Pictures to come....

Monday, September 22, 2008

Biggest Blog EVER!?!?

Well here goes the biggest blog so far....
I was going to seperate it in to two blogs but I decided that everyone has waited long enough for the first part of the blog so I rolled in all in to ONE BIG BLOG!!! Hopefully we don't expect this much blogging from me in the future!!
Part 1: Baby Girl Thomson has a name!!
The final name that we have decided on is...
Rylee Rose Thomson
After 7 long months of back and forth and lots of baby book names, we have decided on Rylee Rose Thomson and Paul swears he is not changing it again. So I am posting it and it is sticking!
Part 2: 3D/4D Ultrasound Pictures!!
We went to Peek of You yesterday which is an ultrasound place that specializes in 3D/4D ultrasounds. It was a great experience and the ultrasound technician was AWESOME. I would highly recommend this place to anyone! She confirmed it was still a girl and answered all my questions (unlike the crabby lady at my regular office!) I asked her about all 10 fingers and all 10 toes and she was set and finding them all!! We didn't but we know one hand is good!! Here are some of the cute pictures that I chose from the 67 that she took!

In this picture, you can see her big pouty lips that the ultrasound technician loved so much!!

Rylee Rose...not so happy. She is probably thinking "There goes my mom and her obsession with seeing my toes and fingers again! :o)

Hand by the face picture....she is not going to like to be swaddled!!

"There, are you happy mom?!? Are we done yet?" -Rylee

"Well too bad if we aren't!! I am!" -Rylee (tongue sticking out)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Who would have thunk?!?

So this is the best picture I could find to explain what exactly I was doing in order to get the sharp pain on the right side of my stomach to go away. There was only one crazy person...ME and I was laying on a comfy bed.
My pain in my stomach had been for about 3 days when I finally didn't know what to do anymore. I thought maybe it was the baby's foot or hand pushing on my skin. I had watched an episode of Baby Story one day when the baby boy on the show was born without four of its fingers. The doctor on the show said that it was probably due to the fact that it was pressed up against the mother and didn't have time to develop. Ever since then, let me tell you that my baby has had no peace and quiet! I will push and jiggle my stomach every now and then just so I know she is moving about!! (Is there such a thing as "Shaken Baby Syndrome" inside the womb? Hmmm....)
Anyway, these pushes and jiggles were not helping and the pain kept on coming so I thought if I layed "upside down" then maybe she would float a different way. Well Paul thought it was the funniest thing he ever saw and my sister informed me 2 days afterwards that there is no gravity inside the stomach. I never knew! Lesson Learned: NO MORE "BABY STORY" FOR ME!
Something to look forward to: My 3D/4D ultrasound on Sunday! I will post the pics as soon as I get home! Let's still hope she is a girl in there. We still don't have a girl name and I don't have another 7 months to negotiate a boy name with my picky husband! I bet Baby Girl Thomson is hoping that I see all 10 fingers and all 10 toes on Sunday so she can sleep peacefully for the next 2 months!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Baby Thomson Kicking

Baby Girl Thomson starting kicking last night. I can't decide if it was because I haven't been eating anything so she was hungry or it was because I was watching Tori Spelling go through her C-section with Baby Stella and it was her was of telling me, "Hey...this is about to happen to you!" Either way...she was kicking away for only a bit and Paul got to feel it too! What a great feeling!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Naming of Baby Girl Thomson

Who ever thought that naming a child would be SO difficult!! Paul is Mr. Opininated when it comes to everything about his unborn daughter which is why we don't even have a name yet. I have added a poll so we could see which one most people like. (This does not mean the one with the most votes wins...just a fun idea to spruce up my blog that I always promise I will be better at.) We like them all, some more than others but we would like to see what you vote on.....

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's a girl!!!!

We finally found out that we are having a baby girl!!! Wahoo. We are so excited and so thrilled to await the arrival of Baby Girl Thomson. (Who still doesn't have a name but we are still working on it.) Here are two ultrasound to confirm it's a girl (above) and one that was cute (below).

Friday, June 27, 2008

16 Weeks Along....

We went to the doctor yesterday for a 16 week check up. They listened to the heartbeat and it was 157 beats a minute. Still above the 140 beats so according to that's a girl.
I have had lots of signs for boy though. Paul finally let me buy some draino crystals and so we took them home to only find out that we are BOTH having boys. According to the "myth" you spit in draino crystals and if it pops and fizzes then it's a boy. And that's exactly what it did when Paul and I BOTH spit in it! So much for that theory!
I have also had one dream regarding what my child will be and it was a boy. Everyone in the room in the dream said "Are you sure?" "Did you double check?" Can we all tell what my family wants me to have?
July 10th is the big day for the ultrasound so it will be settled for once and for all and mayeb Paul and I can concentrate on picking a name! Hopefully the baby is positioned right so we can see! Keep you all posted.....

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Myth #2

A needle on a thread held over your belly moves in circles, so you will have a boy.
So we tried this one last week with a ring on the thread and it just kept going in circles. So it's going to be a BOY! Five more weeks till we find out for sure but we'll keep testing!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Myth #1

Your baby's heart rate is 140 or more beats per minute, so it's a girl.

So this one says it's a girl!! The two times that they have heard the heart beat, it has been over 140 beats per minute! One down...many more to test!

12 Week Doctor Visit

Went to the doctors on Friday and was there for about 5 minutes. Short and sweet visit. All he did was listen to the heart beat and it was 164 beats per minute.
According to my sister, I don't blog enough so I am going to test all the myths of "Is it a boy or is it a girl?" That should keep my blog interesting for the next 6 weeks until I actually find out. The votes are kinda close so we'll see!

Friday, May 23, 2008

12 Week "Official" Ultrasound

On Thursday, I had a 12 week ultrasound. The lady said she only saw one in there so who ever voted twins, I don't think that is going to happen. (Sorry. As exciting as that would have been to see Katie try and take care of TWO babies at once!) Here is a picture of Baby Thomson at 12 weeks. 2 ounces and 2 inches long. The ultrasound technician kept saying "He is just kicking away in there" but it's still too early to tell. It was in the perfect postion, but oh well! Another 6 weeks to find out! I see the doctor on Thursday so I will post any more updates then. I have been given three due dates by three different people so it will all be a surprise when "she" finally arrives. Christmas Day, December 7th, and December 2nd.

Ian's Graduation!

Ian graduated from the eighth grade yesterday! We are so proud of him!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Something Interesting

Thought this was sort of interesting. It was kinda cool to get that many people to freeze all at the same moment. The guy on the cart is the best!

10 Week Ultrasound

I really should have called this the 10 Week "Unofficial" Ultrasound but I chose not to since it was the first ultrasound that I got a picture. My sister-in-law is a labor and delivery nurse and snuck me into the hospital on Saturday so I could see the baby and get a picture since the creepy guy in the ER Radiation Room didn't give me one. So here is the first picture of Baby Thomson.