Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Busy, busy, busy! Summer is flying by and it's hard to believe that we only have a little more than a month left. Sheesh!

2. Rylee is still going to swim lessons and the crying has minimized a bit. She likes it but I think she would like it more if I was in the water with her. No thank you! Swimming with Rylee makes me nervous and stressed out! I guess it would be cooler than sitting by the steps with my feet in and sweating in the sun but umm....still no! :o)

3. We have been visiting splash pads around the valley and she is warming up to them. She is more interested in what I am doing sitting on the chair then the water and we only stay for about 45 minutes but it's something easy and free to do!
A couple weekends ago we were at Tempe Town Lake Splash Pad.

On Monday we went to the Desert Ridge Marketplace Splash Pad and ran into one of Jackson's friends! There is Sarah and Rylee.
These next two pictures are what Rylee likes to do at the Splash Pads! ha!
4. Speaking of another free thing....we are also doing the Summer Reading Program at Glendale Public Library. We go about once a week....she runs around the library like a crazy, wears me and herself out and we come home. Good times! ha!

5. On Father's Day we went bowling. It was Rylee's first time bowling! She was not too interested in the bowling aspect of it.
Tyler was being a great helper here! :o)
6. I can't believe that during the month of June I have seen TWO movies. That is unheard of since the movie I saw last before Sex and the City 2 was Bride Wars which I just watched on HBO Sunday night! I think the third movie will be this week too. (I think I will bring Paul with this time! ha!)

7. Once Paul decides on a day, I believe we will see Get Him to the Greek and go to Bluewater Grill.(Formally the Fish Market) I have heard great things about Get Him to the Greek and I am a huge fan of Restaurant.com. Restaurant.com is a website that you can get restaurant gift cards to a variety of restaurants around the valley for a really good price! Usually the are $10.oo for a $25.oo gift certificate but Hip2save.com always has coupon codes that give you 80% off the price which means you are getting a $25 gift certificate for only $2.00! You get to print the gift certificate right after you purchase and they are good for a YEAR after you purchase them! They are always adding new restaurants and I just noticed that they added Valle Luna which I L.O.V.E.! I always go on a see what I can get when I see that deal. I currently have one to Bluewater Grill, Fox Sports Grill and Grimaldis (which is a small pizza joint by our house). The catch with these gift cards is that you have to spend between $35.oo to $50.00 to spend the $25.00 so in the end you do have to pay between $15.00 to $25.00 for your meal. That's why I usually only get them for places that it shouldn't be that hard to spend that much at! (The link to Hip2save.com has a coupon code up and ends tomorrow so go and type in your zip code and find some deals around you! This lets you try new restaurants in your neighborhood for a great price!)
*This was NOT paid advertisement for Restaurant.com but I seriously LOVE this site and who can beat getting $25.00 for $2.00! :o)

9. I just love little toe toes painted! :o) Brings a smile to my face! Of course the face that goes with the toe toes does too!

10. Speaking of toe toes, here is Paul's Father's Day present from this year. Each year I take Rylee to As You Wish and make him a plate with her feet painted on them! (I was kinda sad that the stand covered the name, but oh well!)

Here is last years. I love them both and think I will continue this tradition until her feet or hand prints don't fit on the plates anymore! It's really probably not so much for Paul as it is for me since I think it's just the cutest thing...but I really can't see Paul taking Rylee to do it for Mother's Day...so that ends up being his gift! lol

*A bonus! Go over to my sister, Colleen's blog and enter to win some pizza "dough! California Pizza Kitchen money! YAY! Can't go wrong with that! (We should get an extra entry for shout outs on blogs! lol)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. A Ten on Tuesday! Yay. It's defnitely been a while since I have done one of these. Summer just gives me SO much more time!

2. Rylee has had two swim lessons so far and I think my dreams of her being a Rock Star swimmer is vanishing each time we have a lesson! Boo! Swim is one of the things I like to watch in the Olympics so I really was thinking I could be a swim mom! Maybe not....
3. I am going on a hunt for recipes that require NO oven baking time! It is WAY too hot here in AZ to turn on the oven and it seems that everything I want to cook requires the oven. I do NOT need it any hotter in this house than it already seems to be! I am dreading the May/June APS bill!

4. I am craving some sushi and need a trip out to Mesa for my favorite sushi SOON!

5. I am also craving some Postinos. I have only been there twice but I LOVE me some brushetta! :o)

6. I am only on number 6 here and 50% of this post has been about food! Yikes!

7. I bought a dress for Scotland and found some fabulous on sale shoes to go with it at Macys. Well at the Macy's in Scottsdale they somehow can't find their right shoe that goes with the pair. At the Macy's at Arrowhead they have the right shoe but can't find their matching left one. SERIOUSLY!?! Now why is it that I am the only one that thinks that each store should give me each show so I can make a dang match!!! So annoyed!

8. Going with Paul today to get my phone and his phone fixed at Sprint. Will I leave with an EVO? Hmmm...I can only hope!!

9. We have been fish this week and it's only Tuesday! Yesterday we went to As You Wish at Desert Ridge and right outside they have a splash pad. I just happened to still have our collection of suits from Saturday in the car so I put Rylee's on and off she went for about an hour. Hence last minute plan...no picture. Today we have swim and then off to a swim party at my sisters! Good thing I bought a BIG size sun tan lotion!

10. This little girl is just a joy to be around and keeps me going all day long!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


So we made it through our day at Gymboree Learn and Play! We signed up for a month and aslo are previewing the Art class next week! YAY! (I would not have made it through the class as well if we had been in the following class! That's the one that would have turned me away! I would definitely need a weekly salon appointment for that one! ha!) Here are some cute pics of Rylee enjoying her time! It was really fun! And the fastest 45 minutes of my life! I need a job there....your day would FLY by!

And yes, I was the only crazy with a camera! Oh well! :o)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Oh Dear!

So today is the day Rylee and I head off to Gymboree Play and Music. The class is for 16-22 month olds and I am not quite sure what they do there but I signed her up and off we go to try it! Rylee loves to run, play, "sing" and dance so I thought....this could be for her!
So why is it that the 28 year old mom (me) is N.E.R.V.O.U.S.! Paul just laughed this morning when I was telling him but he's a guy....guys just DON'T care. So why do I?
Why do I care if the other moms there don't like me?
Why do I care if Rylee is the only child there not talking?
Why do I care if the other kids there don't like Rylee?

Why is all about acceptance and fitting in? Why do I feel like I should have gone to the salon to get my hair done yesterday?! ha! (A good thing the lady that called me yesterday to confirm told me that parents wear socks! Otherwise I just might have been at the pedicure place! lol!)
This is ALL about a little 18 month old going to have fun and play! I read Lindsay's blog this morning and boom...she said it all with this quote:

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. -Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss)

Hopefully I can remember this while there! As long as she is having fun, that's all that matters! And if the parents there don't like me, or the kids don't like Rylee...well then, that must just mean that it's not the class/place for us! (This must be the reason the place offers first class free/trial, right?!) ;o) It is just always hard being the new people, moving into a new neighborhood, starting a new class...it's just all uncertain. But the best I can do is just go in and be myself! (And spend only 30 minutes getting ready instead of an hour! ha!)
I plan on going with the camera and posting pictures when I get home! Maybe another mom there will see the camera and think....that mom must blog! ha! Not....that mom is crazy and needs to document EVERY step of her daughters life! :o)
Oh Dear....that's all I got for now! Oh Dear!