Saturday, December 11, 2010


-We had a great Halloween this year. The whole family dressed up as the Flintstone family. It all started with Rylee being Pebbles and just went from there! Rylee's babysitter made her costume (super cute!) and we found ours at Target. It was a super cute, fun idea! Our good friends dressed up as the Rubbles and we just had a good, fun time!

-Why does Eczema return every winter?!? Do children ever grow out of that or is it something that you will always have?! Anyone else have kids that have it and have a really good lotion they use? We use this one and it works but just seeing what other options are out there.....

-Why does Rylee seem to be potty trained EVERYWHERE else except in MY house?! Hmmmm? She seems to be doing ok, but I am seriously dreading the day we go with panties full time!

-At the grocery store today I bought the fixings for sugar cookies. During one of the three potty training boot camp days, Rylee and I will be making cookies for Santa! (I have high hopes that mine turn out like the picture! ha!)

-Why is it whenever you return home from the grocery store you already have a list for when you go back next! Ugh! No joke, within five minutes of me being in the door I already had a list going for next trip. Four items are waiting to be bought....and they will just have to wait.

-Rylee is officially 2!!! I know everyone always says that time flies, how did this happen so fast and I seriously have to agree! She has taught me so much in her two little years and I can't wait for more! So in love with her!

-I have debated about not getting a Christmas tree this year but I think we are just going to do it. No one will be over at our house from now until long after Christmas so I really don't see the need to decorate anymore. But we have put lights on the house and will get a tree tomorrow. It's all about making it special for Rylee!

-I won a day off from work and used it Thursday. (Yup, I had to win a day in a class contest in order for me to have off, lol) Paul took off too and we had a VERY relaxing day going to Target, got Starbucks, Total Wine, Ikea, Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, ZTejas for lunch, Walmart and Sprint. I can't remember the last time (if there ever was one) where Paul and I shopped and had lunch together during the week! A VERY good day!(I probably would have been done Christmas shopping if I had been by myself, but's all good!)

-The stop at Best Buy had two purposes and one purpose was for my Christmas present. Merry Christmas to me early! Paul bought me an HTC EVO phone. I had gotten him one for his birthday and have been using it non-stop so he decided I needed my own. Thanks Paul. (I am currently not happy with the Twitter App on the phone as it is not working but I hope to fix this tomorrow!)

(Yes I got the white one. Why? I am still not sure because once I put a cover on it you won't be able to tell it's white anyway....oh well!)

-I think this title of this post fits it well!