Sunday, December 28, 2008

First Christmas

Rylee survived her first Christmas! She slept through most of it but was a trooper the whole day. She got so many great gifts but really did not need much since she has EVERYTHING a little baby could need. Except some more Desitin cream which we are on our way to the store to get. Poor thing! We have gone through 2 whole tubes in 7 days. Oh the joys of antibiotics! Here are some pictures of our first Christmas with Rylee Rose! (Hope there are enough pictures on here Karissa!)

Tyler Grace being a great big cousin and watching Rylee Rose. She shares all her stuffed animals with Rylee. I think she even shared Ellie for a minute!

Watching everyone open their presents. Her favorite gift was the container of formula from the Howell family! She LOVES food!

A couple minutes later...she passed out. (The Cabbage Patch doll's name is Rylie. Grandma Bobbi found that one! YAY!)

Pooped! Fell asleep again while opening presents.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Not always peaches and cream....

My sister claims that I have a "good" baby and I have no complaints so far. I don't know what to compare her to but to me...she is perfect! Then comes the two week doctors appointment on Thursday. Before the doctors appointment at 1:00, I meet my sister at Fashion Square for some Christmas shopping. Rylee sleeps the entire time, not opening her eyes for anything. We then get to the doctor's office. It's about feeding time so I knew that it wasn't going to be good. I was by myself so I thought that I would carry her in minus the car seat. I think that was mistake number one. So we walk into the office and OH my goodness....the things that could go wrong.

1. Lady at the front desk informs me that Paul's insurance company still has no record of Rylee. Great! My insurance has already sent me a card for Rylee and Paul's insurance can't even write her name in the computer! I told her I would call her with a number when I got one.
2. I then ask her to write me a letter of prior authorization for the pediatric dermatologist that we have to see for Rylee. She then looks at her and asks why she needs to see the dermatologist. I look at her for a full good minute and was so confused on why it was her business. I said it was for the spot on her head and we were seeing Dr. Hansen at Phoenix Children's Hospital. Well then she decided to tell me a five minute story about how her daughter went there and he is the only pediatric dermatologist in Arizona and he is really good. All the while, I am still holding Rylee.

3. I decide to change Rylee's diaper before the appointment since we were early. Signed in about 12:35 for my 1:00 appointment. So it's probably 12:45 now after all the kafuffle at the front desk. So off to the bathroom with the tiny changing table inside. I put her down, start to change her and she piddles all over which then goes onto her outfit and the new diaper too. So now not only do I have to change her diaper, I have to change her outfit....all on the tiny little changing table hanging from the wall that I feel is going to collapse at any second. SUPER!

4. Back in the waiting room it's about 12:55 so I thought I would try to make a bottle for her so she would have something in her stomach before the doctor. So I realize that I can't make a bottle and hold her at the same time (Silly me left the car seat in the car) so I put her blanket on the ground, lay her on top and start to get everything out for the bottle. Right after everything is out, the nurse comes through the door "Rylee!" Seriously!?! Could that not have happened 5 minutes sooner! So I put everything back away, scooped up my child off the germ infested floor and went back to the room.

5. The nurse tells me to undress Rylee, including diaper. Now she is not really happy since we just spent 10 minutes in the bathroom DRESSING her from the piddle incident.

6. Love the doctor! He comes in, does his 2 week inspection all while Rylee just stares at him. He must have one of those voices or something because she is super quiet! During this "inspection" he notices an infection in her left boob area and her finger has an in-grown nail so it's all red. So he prescribes an antibiotic and tells me I need to apply a warm washcloth on the red boob area twice a day 15 minutes each time. And I need to come back Friday morning so he can check it again and make sure we don't need to see a surgeon to drain it. SUPER!

7. The nurse comes back in for the second round of the PKU test and tells me I need to hold Rylee during this process. First of all...I don't like needles so I guarantee that when you bring them around my daughter...I am going to like them LESS. So the nurse pricks her foot, I am sweating to death, Rylee is screaming in my ear and the nurse is gathering blood. Great times!

8. Rylee is all dressed after a good 5 minutes, I make a bottle while she is screaming and laying on the table and then out of the room we head.

9. We stop at one desk to make an appointment for the next morning and head to the next desk to pay. We stood at the desk, Rylee screaming and all, and waited for awhile before someone checked us out.

10. We leave and Rylee is still crying so I decided to feed her outside on a bench in the cold Arizona December weather. (It's cold for us.) After my doctor's receipt flew away and the burp cloth landing on the dirty wet ground, we are finally eating.

11. Off to Target pharmacy to get the antibiotic filled. This could be interesting. Filling a prescription for a child that supposedly doesn't have insurance. Oh wait...not that easy...they don't have the prescription. Off to CVS pharmacy...Oh wait...they don't have it either! The nice pharmacist at the CVS decided to call around and find it for me. I must have looked a little stressed. He finally found it at the second CVS he called. So off we go to our third pharmacy.

12. We finally have our medicine!! I decide to eliminate the story about the insurance issue and decide to pay out of pocket price and get reimbursed later.

13. 3 hours after the start of the appointment we are finally home!! EXHASTED!!

I know it's only going to get crazier but as a mom of two weeks...that's crazy enough for me! Good news though, after the doctors appointment today...she is looking SO much better! The doctor was very pleased. The redness and swelling had gone down so much. We go back in 9 more days. Hopefully no surgeon for us! I never know when to schedule these doctors appointments since Rylee is not on a schedule yet, it's hard to know when she is going to eat. Oh the drama!
I know there are worst things in life and we are so blessed that she is a happy healthy girl!! How could you not go through all that exhaustion for this....

So dang cute!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rylee Rose Thomson

She is already a week old today and it's my first post. So sad. Just a couple of pictures from her first week of life! She was born on December 4, 2008 and weighed in at 8 pounds, 8 ounces and was 20 inches long! So big! We are super proud parents and think she is just perfect!

Paul, myself and Aunt Colleen all ready to go!

Aunt Lorna got to be a part of it too as the best nurse ever! Triage has never been so fun!

One of Rylee's first pictures!

All cleaned off! So sweet!

Mommy changing her first diaper. Just checking for poop! Would you believe it was coming out as I was checking! Just my luck!

Getting her first bath before she went home. Aunt Lorna helped with this one! I am sure Rylee will love to know that I posted this on the internet when she gets older.

Going home! Thanks Aunt Colleen for the cutest outfit ever!

Survived my first trip to the doctors office. All the nurses LOVED my outfit and bow!