Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rylee's ER Visit

Last Saturday, February 27th, Rylee fell off the couch and into the coffee table, leaving her with a gash in her head, right above her right eye. We decided to take her to G. Night Pediatrics where they told us to go to the ER. So off to wait in the ER we did. Exactly 5 hours later....we left with a tired, bandaged up Rylee Rose. I think the cut looks worse in pictures than I remember it being. (I had to copy a picture from my sister's friend, Shannon, who blogged about her son Will and his experience from just this thing back in July! And to read the comment that I left now.....ha!)

The longest part of the ER visit was waiting for the extremely busy doctor to come back to the room to stitch her up! And to strap her to the papoose board! POOR Rylee!

No head part to the board that Rylee was attached too and her feet definitely didn't reach the end. (And this child does NOT represent what a child would be doing while in one of these things!)

Here are a couple pictures from beginning to end of the ER visit.

Here she is waiting to be seen by the doctor.

The nurse wanted us to hold a gauze pad (with some cleaning stuff on it) with pressure to Rylee's head and she wasn't having ANY part of that so we ended up wrapping the small piece of gauze with a WHOLE bunch of gauze to her head. Just to get all the blood off!

And here she is at 10:00 p.m. all bandaged up, with a sucker, waiting for our paperwork to go HOME! Those are some SLEEPY eyes!

We went on Friday to get the stitches out and she is looking good, a little scar but nothing her eyebrow won't cover up! I told Rylee that there are NO more hospital visits until she is 30 and I am there visiting my grandchild! ha! :o)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Weekend Fun!

It's only Saturday night and we have had a great weekend so far!
Friday night we went to Saguaro Lake with Paul's parents for Fish and Chips! YUM! Rylee had to feed the ducks some goldfish before we left! Too cute! They followed us as far as they could because they wanted more!

Then on Saturday we started off with my goddaughter, Violet's baptism at Ss. Simon and Jude. Rylee slept through the whole thing and my camera was in the diaper bag so I got no pictures! :o( She looked SOO super cute though! Loved the bow!

We then decided to go to my mom's house tonight since Jackson and Tyler were over there. Rylee had SO much fun! She just loves them!

Grandma Bobbi is behind there too! See the wine?!? ;o)

More Blogging catching up to do coming up! As much as I can do in the middle of moving :o) Rylee's ER trip will probably be next....