Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Over the Summer we....

Hung out at home with pony and cartoons

Went to the Zoo (I think on the hottest day of the Summer!)

Finished Swim Lessons

Ate some sushi

Played at some mall play areas

Did plenty of swimming all around!

Set up my classroom

And Celebrated Dora's Birthday with cupcakes at Walmart!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

We are going....

CAMPING! That's right! If know me are probably saying..."Am I on the right blog?" "Katie's blog, right?" Yup, you are at the right spot and yes, the Thomson family is going camping. I am currently researching glamping, thanks to Karissa! :o)
I am actually excited and it was my idea to go! When we got invited by Paul's sister, I just knew we should try it! I am trying to do new things for Rylee's sake and I really think she is going to LOVE it! She absolutely LOVES being outdoors and will have her 3 cousins to play with! What is not to love?!
And for myself, I am fully looking forward to sitting around a campfire, teaching Rylee to make s'mores, and having absolutely NO WHERE to go for 3 whole days! Pure Bliss!