Friday, June 26, 2009

Have Fun Grandma Bobbi!

We are off to Vegas! And Rylee is partying it up with Grandma Bobbi! And I am sure with Ty Ty and Jackerdoddle too! (She will have to let me know how that half birthday party goes!)

When I asked my mom to baby-sit...I left out these fun little things Rylee likes to do now! :o) She will definitely be keeping you on your toes! Thanks for watching her and we hope to come back millionaires! :o)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

*Feel free to play along like last week*

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

I should have no problem filling this Ten on Tuesday since I missed a week in there!

1. I missed last week's T on T since I was at the airport and then went to Chili's for lunch and then came home to cook dinner for 12 people. Paul's niece Amanda is in town from NYC and it was a surprise for everyone! Rylee has been so happy having someone other than me to play with! (Amanda is 19 but she plays with Rylee and keeps her entertained while I cook dinner! She is NOT returning to NYC if I have anything to say about it!)

2. Before I left for the airport, I was making a dessert and Rylee was playing with the items on the bottom shelf of the pantry. I was just about to scoop out the melting ice cream for the dessert when CRASH! Rylee was sitting on the floor (the newly washed floor I might add) in the middle of a big puddle of olive oil and glass. (My mistake of the week!) She was previously playing with a salad dressing bottle and I did not realize that the bottle of olive oil behind it was glass. I scooped her out of the mess, washed her off, put her in her crib so she couldn't crawl through the glass and went to mop my floors again! Oh the joys of cleaning oil off tile! NOT FUN!

3. We had Rylee's six month check up last week as well. She weighed in at 17 pounds, 11 ounces and is 27 inches long. These are both in the 75th percentile. She is in the 90th percentile for her head which was 17.5, yay for a c-section is all I have to say. The doctor was very impressed with her crawling and pulling herself up already. He said that babies don't usually start doing these things until 7-9 months. Go Rylee!

4. We had a wonderful Father's Day. Rylee Rose was also baptized on Sunday as well! It was a busy, fun-filled day. We do things a little differently in the Thomson household. Rylee has two godmothers, my sister and Paul's sister, and she was also baptized in a tutu and a big flower bow! Too Cute!!

5. Paul's side of the family is doing a big family picture on July 4th in the morning and the lady that does my hair is not working on July 3rd. Does anyone have any suggestions of a not too expensive of a place to go. I would even settle for a place just to get it blow dried. I HATE blow drying my own hair! It's too wavy/curly to get it exactly the way I want it!

6. I think that Rylee might be a fish like Paul. I would not be surprised if she loves snorkeling and scuba diving. She gets fussy right when getting in the water but then loves it after that! Content as can be! Paul even dunked her all the way under on Sunday (we thought another baptism would be good) and she didn't even cry! What a trooper!

7. We are getting ready to buy Rylee's next step up car seat. This is a big decision. Britax has a new car seat (pic below) out that has side impact cushions that would cushion against the window during a crash and would cushion another passengers head during a crash. Now do I spend the additional $50 and go for the new one, or do I just get the next one down since we normally don't have an additional passenger riding in the back with her? When it comes to the safety of your child, $50 is NOTHING! But does God already have a plan for her whether she is sitting in a $370 car seat or a $150 one?

8. How come it is the end of June and I have not paid child care in a month and I have no extra money to show for it! SO ANNOYING!! July better be a different story!

9. Oh Shocker! The work at my school still hasn't been started on so I still don't have a classroom and all my stuff is in boxes. Does this mean that fourth grade doesn't have to start school until all the work is done!?! That would be SUPER! (Unlikely, but SUPER!)

10. We got a super deal on a room at the Arizona Grand and we booked it for Labor Day weekend. It will be super busy I am sure but I am looking forward to it! Our first "vaca" is at a Scottsdale hotel for a night. We are all over these "Stayca's" they are advertising around here. Oh, and maybe a trip to Las Vegas this weekend but we have to drive now since we left it to the last minute and I HATE driving! :o( But I LOVE Las Vegas!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One Word Wednesday








Now it's your turn!
Caption the picture below with one word....

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

I seriously do NOT have ten things to write about this week. This has probably been the hardest Ten on Tuesday yet. Well here goes nothing....

1. I want to get Rylee's ear's pierced SO bad! We were so close to going two weekends ago and then remembered that when you go into surgery that they make you take off all jewelry so we weren't sure if hers would close up in that small amount of time. It was ME that thought of this small detail and totally had Paul ready to go. Ugh! We should have just went!! Those pictures would have been a tad bit cuter with earrings. (If that's even possible!)

2. Summer is going to FLY by. Rylee and I do at least one thing a day so we aren't stuck inside and bored! Today we were out of the house by 7:30 and waiting for the doors to open at Target. This was all so we could be the first ones in the door at Sprint at 9! Then Sprint tells me that it will take 45 minutes to see what is wrong with my phone. An hour later I return for them to tell me that they can't fix it because it has liquid damage and it is covered under insurance but for a $100 deductible. If I am going to be paying $100 then it will be for an upgraded phone! Besides, it is working...for now...

3. Rylee is officially non swaddled, non pacifier, learning to drink out of a sippy cup big girl! The swaddle and pacifier have been gone since middle of May and our sippy cup adventure began this week. I have kept one pacifier just in case for the hospital. She probably won't take it but I just want her happy as can be that day.

4. My money has been well spent on Etsy so far! Rylee has received SO many compliments of all her bows! Everywhere I go someone comments on her bow. Even yesterday at Macy's a guy commented on her pretty flower! Go figure! I LOVE IT! I will have to start taking pictures of these cute bows in her hair!

5. My one mistake, in regards to sleeping habits with Rylee (there are PLENTY of other mistakes that could be a whole other post!) is her not being able to fall asleep on her own. She has always been a wiggle worm, a go-go baby. It was always my thing that I would rock her to sleep since it was really my only time to hold her. She RARELY falls asleep without been held and rocked. I am trying to put her in her crib sleepy but not asleep but she just cries for what seems like forever. I will go in, hold her and she will fall fast asleep within a minute. Today, when on the phone with my sister, she heard Rylee crying and then Tyler started to cry and then Rylee stopped. Hmm....I might have to call the Howell household everyday during Rylee's nap time. I know all the baby books say not to rock them and hold them before they are asleep, but I couldn't help it and now I am trying to do something about it. Truthfully, I will miss holding her because in a blink of an eye, she will be too big to even hold and rock!

6. Her nap started at 3:30 when I started this post and now it is 4:00 and I hear her crying. That was NOT long enough. Especially since Paul is still in Florence for work and I don't even know how long it takes to get back but one parent plus one cranky baby does not equal a fun night! :o( Crap! Maybe it was cause I forgot to change her diaper before her nap! See I told you there could be a whole "Mistake" post. Coming soon for your reading pleasure!

7. I go to the grocery store once a week buy tons of food and I am SO sick of cooking! I sit and think of all the places I want to go and eat and I just continue to use my electricity and heat up my house when it's already 100 degrees outside. I am craving some Mexican food and some Olive Garden! YUM! I haven't even eaten out a lot since my May no eating out madness!

8. Now it's 4:34 and the problem was hungry. She just downed a small jar of Macaroni and Cheese dinner and a container of Hawaiian Delight Dessert. Nutritious I know. Good ol' Gerber! Just so you know (and I checked) the Macaroni and Cheese dinner did have sweet potatoes in it! I didn't feel too bad after that.

9. While in there feeding her, I really don't know how single parents do this. I am giving a shout out to my friend Mel at school who has raised her two kids pretty much all alone. When these days seem long and I can't wait for Paul to get home to help out, I can't imagine what it would be like to never have that relief when you need it! She did an amazing jog raising her two kids as a single parent. Props to her!

10. Now off to start my first glass of wine for the night. It's 4:38 and I still haven't heard from Paul that he is on his way home so Cheers to everyone! Maybe my sister will be my friend today since I am drinking! (Read her blog, Howell Family, Ten on Tuesday to get that point!) *And off to change the stinkiest diaper EVER! Geez that was fast. TMI I know!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Finally! Pictures!

After a long debate of outfits, studios, times and dates....we took Rylee for professional pictures for 6 months! I was so nervous about how they were going to turn out, if she was going to be cranky and outfits! I took 4-5 outfits and we went with 2 outfits and a diaper shot. Bows, flip flops, and stuffed animals all came along too! I was SWEATING by the time this was all over. My sister was SO right when she said to wear a swimsuit! I don't know how the photographer did it in a long sleeve shirt and a sweater vest! AGH!
We went with 4 different shots and received a MILLION pictures. They can totally tell when newbies like us come in and have NO idea what they are doing! We are their money makers! :o) Below are the four shots we purchased and the new header is just a cute one I thought and her new side picture was another cute one. It was definitely a hard decision to narrow 84 pictures down to 4! Glad we got the CD! :o)
Update (5 minutes later): The header picture is a new one already. Paul's favorite and my sister's favorite. Now I am mad I didn't purchase it.) Oh well. I guess Aunt Colleen will be coming with us next time so she can sweat it out with us too!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Six Months Old!! (Already!)

Today Rylee is six months old. I have no weight/height update since I just called Monday for the appointment. I will update once I have those numbers, for those who care! :o)

She is definitely a go-go baby and wants to do EVERYTHING that big kids do! She doesn't realize that she is a BABY and can't do all those things....but that's not stopping her from trying!

She is crawling all over, pulling herself up to stand on coffee tables, boxes, and couches. Oh and Paul's new chair that isn't looking so new anymore! :o) Aunt Colleen let her play with a box yesterday and we had to take it home with us since she loved it so much! She has only been awake for 40 minutes (yes, she slept until 6:30 this morning! YAY!) and already she has been standing up against the box for 15 minutes of it! Greatest toy ever and our new coffee table! A two in one deal! Aunt Colleen also let her have some goldfish yesterday in which she LOVED. I guess the puffs weren't cutting it for this big girl. She wanted BIG GIRL food and no stinkin' puffs! I swear she is saying "ma-ma" too! YAY for Rylee Rose!
Oh and let's not forget the information that is making this sweet little girl not so sweet some days...TEETHING! Her two bottom teeth have poked through and Tuesday she just cried and cried all day. Oh the fun! I think God really knows what he is doing when he gives you the amount of kids he does! Whenever I think that Rylee is being a handful (And so far, that's been once since she has been born. I know I haven't been through potty training, walking, talking yet.....) I just think of all the other blogs I read where they have four-six kids all the same age, all going through these milestones multiplied by 4-6!! Then I just tell myself...I can handle ONE!! It can be done! (And to think I wanted twins! ha!) Once Rylee moves her tongue out of the way long enough to get a picture I will post one of those little white spots! :o)

A picture of Rylee's favorite new toy and our new coffee table.

Sitting on the tile while giving Mommy a heart attack!

Being a cute little baby. She does it so well!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ten on Tuesday (in Numbers)

Well here it goes. 10 numbers that sum up my first 96 hours as a stay-at-home mom (for 2 and a half months!) :o) And I thought I was going to have NOTHING to write about! Ha! I could have started this list at 20!

Ten. The number of times that I have thought of calling Inez already to see when the first day she is available to take Rylee Rose for the day. I think it might be a good thing that she doesn't live so close. :o) She actually gets to go on Wednesday while I am at my dentist appointment.

Nine. The number of times I have walked into her room seeing this in the morning or from a nap! Too cute!

Eight. The number of advil I have taken! Backaches, headaches, need sleep ache! I thought I had my child young....I feel so old though!

Seven. The number of items I forgot when at Fry's yesterday since the stinker ate my list while shopping! Now we have to go back again! Yuck!
Six. The number of times that Rylee has screamed so hard that we have had to go outside to calm her down. (She LOVES being outdoors!) She is so persistant on pulling herself up on the coffee table that she does not realize that she will fall down since her legs aren't that sturdy yet! To solve the table OUT!

Five. The number of pillows it takes to surround little Miss Rylee in hopes to break one of those falls. Maybe we need more! (The picture shows where the coffee table used to be!)

Four. The number of times I swear I have thought she has said Mom. This is usually while eating so I could be getting it confused with "Mmm" but I am going to go with MOM. Close enough! :o)

Three. The number of purchases I have made from Etsy for Rylee since I have been on Summer Vacation! Yay for some cute bows! Hoping for some 6 month pictures on Sunday.

Two. The number of times that Rylee has cried when I have left her sight. This is NOT a good thing since she will be going back to "Camp Gomez" in two and a half months. I could not bear having to hear her cry every morning when she left school. It would make me way too sad! Here's hoping to a good drop off on Wednesday!

One. The number of glasses of wine that I have had since Friday at 10:00 a.m. I think there is something seriously wrong with this number!

Zero. The number of times that I have slept in this summer vacation. :o(
I guess these days are over!
*One Million* The number of kisses that Rylee Rose gets per day! How could you not with this little face?!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Dentist Trip #1

I am scheduled to go for the first, out of who knows how many, dentist trips! I am so scared but yet SO excited at the same time. I have to be there at 9 am on Wednesday for pictures, x-rays, and all that fun stuff and then I have a cleaning at 11. Oh the fun begins!

When the lady called me on the phone she asked when my last cleaning was. I told her about a good year since every time I go my gums hurt, and I wanted to go to a dentist that puts you out and numbs your whole mouth. She replied "Oh, we can do that here!"
I am liking this already! No pain, white teeth...I could end up liking the dentist after all! (Oh I am sure in the 3.5 hour dentist trip there will be tears! There always is at the dentist!)