Friday, January 30, 2009

Plastic Surgery HERE WE COME....

So we have decided to go ahead and schedule Rylee for ROUND 1 (Yes, that is correct. They have to take it out in THREE stages! Plastic Surgeons must be in the recession too.)
We go for Round 1 on Friday, March 13 at St. Joseph's Hospital. Our first choice was Phoenix Children's Hospital but her insurance is not contracted with them. WHAT?!? What kind of insurance doesn't contract with the local children's hospital!?
The first date the scheduling lady gave me was Thursday, March 12 and was totally about to schedule that one since my mom is watching her that day and I could just send Rylee with Grandma Bobbi. For those who know my mom....could you even imagine!?! I don't know which one would be crying more...the 3 month old who hasn't eaten since 5 in the morning (surgery formula 6 hours prior to surgery) or Grandma Bobbi who cries at EVERYTHING. (Ask Patrick if you don't believe me!) :o)


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More Faces and Thoughts!

Really mom?!? You expect me to laugh at your silly face again!?! Is that all you got?"

"Ok fine. I will give you half a smile. How's that?!"

"Now let's switch and I will take your picture! Let's see how you like the flash going off in your face twenty times within a minute!"

"No? We aren't switching?! FINE!"

"SERIOUSLY?!?! AGAIN!?! Don't these parents of mine have accessories and clothing that fit me!?!

"Ok, fine. It might fit....but a hat?! In Arizona?! It's 75 degress outside. Oh least I am cute enough to pull it off!"

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Go Cardinals!

Hopefully the Cardinals will win today! That would be SUPER exciting!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Perfect Job!

This would be the perfect job! Do you think they supply a nanny too?,2933,479747,00.html

I might forget to blog though. But for $105,000....I think it might be an incentive to blog!

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Many Faces and Thoughts of Rylee Rose

"I wonder what is going to be for dinner?"

"Well I guess I will take a nap until Mommy gets it ready! I have had a hard day being so cute!"

"This is how I went into the car seat."

"This is how Mommy found me after our drive home. All the way from the Parise household. That's FAR!"

"Mommy thinks it's fun to take pictures of me while I am pooping. I don't find it quite as amuzing."

"Yay! I am so happy. We are going to Brio for lunch today! Something other than milk! Wahoo!"

"In this picture you can see my nevus sebacsous that I need to go to Phoenix Children's Hospital to get removed in about six months. Mommy and Daddy say that I will be fine and that afterwards I won't have a bald spot anymore. I will be brave. (Mommy says that this will be the only plastic surgery she is ever going to pay for me to get so I should be so lucky because that is one more than other people get. I wonder what she is talking about....when would I ever WANT to get plastic surgery...hmm?)"

"You would think the pictures would stop while I am sleeping at least. NO such luck!"

Night #2 and Night #3

Let's just say....not sleeping through the night yet. Still wakes up at 2:45 every morning...gets pacificer then cries herself back to sleep. I AM NOT BACKING DOWN....but how many nights do I take? Hmmm....
A picture post coming at next nap time.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Starting a Schedule

Ever since New Year's Day Night, Rylee Rose has been sleeping from her 8:00 feeding to her 2:00 feeding. We felt so lucky that she was sleeping for that long and being only 4 weeks old. So last night, after Rylee waking up at 2:45 for the past three nights in a row, I thought I would try to follow the advice from the book, On Becoming Baby Wise. Let them cry it out because they are waking up out of habit rather than hunger. So 2:00 comes and I lay awake waiting for her to wake up. 2:45 on the dot she starts crying. I go in, give her the pacifier and leave. She pops it out, cries for about 5 minutes and falls back asleep. 3:30 rolls around and same thing. 4:30 approaches, again, same thing. At this point I am only trying to make it to 5:00 so she will be used to waking up at that time so we can eat and leave the house to go to school. So I cave and at 4:30, I change her diaper (which is HUGE and WET!) and make a bottle. She was happy as a clam after I changed the diaper and probably would have went back to sleep but I was up so whatever. So do I head out and find overnight diapers for a size 1 baby, change her in the middle of the night, or just go back to feeding her at 2:00 because she is only 5 weeks old and maybe this is all a little much for a little baby. Oh what to do. One thing I know for sure is that I can only handle the "average" three nights it takes the baby to not wake up at that 2:00 feeding. We will see what night two brings!
Those doctors that wrote that book should give their phone number in the back so you call them with all your "what if" questions and don't have to bug your family who already have kids.