Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

This Ten on Tuesday is going to be a Ten on Tuesday, Not Me Monday Style. This comes from My Charming Kids blog a.k.a. Baby Stellan's Blog! Every Monday people blog about some imperfections and reveal a few moments they'd like to forget, not me style.

1. On Wednesday last week, it was not me who dropped of my daughter at her babysitters and then ran into Cost Plus before meeting the photographer to pick up pictures. It was not me who was late because I "ran" in to see if they had any more FREE bags that they were giving away. And it certainly wasn't me, who came out of there with NO free bag but 50 dollars off wine that included my Ed Hardy wine! See what happens when you give me a day without a baby...first stop..WINE!

2. It was not me that had to get the six bottles because then you get the 10% discount so I added 3 bottles of Firehose wine to the cart! It was not me that then went to track down Paul's cousin Angela and her captain firefighter husband, Richard all over the city of Glendale just so I could give them a bottle! It was not me that found them in a salon and was certainly NOT ME that walked in with the bottle to give to them!

3. It was certainly not me that put a hat on Rylee's head before we went grocery shopping because I was afraid to answer questions about her scar. I am not sure which one got more looks, the summer pool hat inside Fry's or the scar on her head. ;o)

4. It was not me that was dreading Monday, 10 days post surgery because now we can go back to giving Rylee a bath every night. Nope, not me. I LOVE giving her baths and trying to make a squirmy 7 month old try to SIT DOWN in a bath tub! HA!

5. It was not my lumineer day that has been changed three times now to be moved FINALLY to this coming Thursday. It is not me that wanted this SO bad and now is SO nervous! Nope!

6. It was not me that has been a commenter on many people's blogs for giveaways and found out over the weekend that I was a winner on a blog (The Cochran Crew) and I won a discount on a blog makeover! It is not me that is staying up searching millions of blogs to figure out what I want mine to look like!

7. It was not me that went on the internet and diagnosed Rylee's rash on Babycenter.com just so I wouldn't have to take her all the way to the doctor's office. She has a rash that doesn't quite look like a diaper rash so the internet said the next thing it could be would be a yeast infection. Off I go to Walmart!

8. It was certainly NOT ME that when explaining to the pharmacist where this rash was located I simply stated "surrounding her private area." Paul made SO much fun of me for that! He told me that when talking to doctors, I can call it what it really is. Or maybe I should follow Oprah and call it a va-ga-ga. (Don't even know how to spell that one!)

9. And then it certainly WASN'T ME that when the pharmacist asked, "Did you make that?" and just pointed at Rylee I simply replied yes to later figure out she was talking about Rylee's BOW! I don't have ANY clue why I would think she was talking about Rylee herself! This Walmart trip was after we had gone to Red Lobster for dinner and I didn't even have a drink!

10. It was certainly not me that called Postino's wine bar and said "I am sure that this is not a common question for a wine bar, but do you guys have highchairs?" It won't be me later today sitting with my daughter inside a wine bar, having a glass of wine with lunch! And it certainly does not bring to mind the Sweet Home Alabama scene where Reese Witherspoon is in a bar and sees her friend with her baby and says to the friend, "You have a baby!....in a bar!" NOPE! Certainly won't be me there!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

They are here!!

Claire Beeler took these wonderful pictures of the Thomson family. They were taken July 4th at Freestone Park. You can check out Claire's photography website at http://www.clairebeeler.com/. Her work is wonderful and they turned out absolutely amazing!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. We had a crazy busy week! And have another one to come! At least maybe I can fill up these next two Ten on Tuesdays! How can one person have such blue eyes?!
2. Miss Rylee had her second and FINAL surgery on Friday morning. She is such a trooper! Yes, she was a bit cranky on Friday afternoon and a couple times after that but other than that....PERFECT! She participated in all of our family activities this weekend and was great through all of them. I think the only time we did give her some Tylenol was when we were home with just the three of us. (Maybe she wasn't cranky and in pain, maybe she just wanted to tell us she was bored and where were all the people that she was used to be around since Thursday afternoon!)

We had the sides up for about a minute. Too cage like for us!

So happy while waiting patiently. She has NO clue what she's about to go in for! Poor thing!

After surgery. SO hungry!

3. Let me tell you....if Paul or I had THIS done to our heads....we would NOT have done all the things that Rylee did post surgery! I would STILL be lying in bed with my Vicodin! Ha! My c-section scar is SMALLER than this one and I took my pain medicine until it ran out with a refill! Kids are amazing! (Well at least mine is) :o)

4. What do you think goes through people's mind when they first see this? Mine would be, "Oh, poor baby, did she need brain surgery at such a young age?" The scar will look SO much better and not so dark once I can wash the dried blood off but I can't get it wet for 10 days. So for the next 6 days I will continue getting the curious eyed stares while out. (I will post a picture once I can wash it) Grow hair, Grow!! What food helps hair grow? Or is that why they make those great big bows? Right Karissa? ;o)

5. Yup. That was her LAST one. The doctor got it all out and we don't have to go back! YIPEE! Everyone who saw her right after the surgery said she looked so different, her face looked like it lost 10 pounds. Her eyes were all red and black underneath and Paul said it must have been from the doctor pulling her skin around so they had enough to make no bald spot left. So not only did Rylee Rose get plastic surgery to remove her bald spot, she also got a mini 7 month old face lift. She can never say we never paid for a plastic surgery. I am sure this is not the one she will have in mind 30 years down the road but hey....you take what you can get! And she got a bonus face lift! :o)

6. The following two items are like Baby Crack! Rylee will sit and eat endless amounts of these crunchies and then suck her sippy cup DRY with the yogurt juice inside. I will admit...I have tried one or two of the crunchies....YUM! Ok..fine! It was more like half the container of crunchies but they are GOOD. We have tried the zesty tomato and the mild cheddar!

7. I get to go and pick up the Thomson Family pictures tomorrow! I can't wait to see how they turn out.

8. My dentist appointment was moved to Monday so now I have to wait all weekend for my lumineers. I am so excited for them. Nervous, but excited!

9. I did it. I joined Facebook. Facebook is Adult Crack! SOOOO addicting!

10. Lunch with teachers, dinner with friends, dinner with Thomson family, teeth becoming Hollywood white, new tires on my car, starting to get my classroom ready....busy busy week ahead!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Little Disappointed in

Forever XXI. I went in to the store in Chandler Mall last week and bought 2 pieces of jewelry and a skirt. I am a definitely one of those shoppers that likes to buy the stuff and then go home and try it on, and then return it if I don't like it/it doesn't fit. Just what I did in this case! Well yesterday I went into Forever 21 to return one piece of jewelry and the skirt. As I was standing at the counter I was informed that they don't take returns on their jewelry AND they don't do cash/credit refunds. Everything goes back onto a store merchandise card. As the lady is telling me this, I noticed their refund/return policy that is printed on a card maybe about 5x7 with the print size of this. NOT ACCEPTABLE!! If Rylee wasn't in my arms, fussy and screeching....they would have heard my point of view!! But instead, I left with my piece of jewelry that I really don't know when I will wear and my $24.oo merchandise card with the sales lady telling me it NEVER expires and won't deduct money every month like some! I don't care lady! Who's to tell me you will still be in business in 12 years when I want to come back and shop with my daughter who will probably like the clothes more than I do! UGH!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. Yay for a great Fourth of July weekend! The pictures were a success and I can't WAIT to see them! We went to two BBQ's and then on Sunday had lunch with friends and watched two movies. Taken = Rylee is NEVER going anywhere without me. Curious Case of Benjamin Button = LONG, LONG movie!

2. Nails and toes turned out great. I haven't had nails in about 2 years and I can't type or text worth crap! My hair appointment was at Toni and Guy and the cut and color turned out super. It is blonder than I had in mind but I think it's just because I have gone dark the past couple times. Time for a change! :o) The stylist straightened my hair with a straightener and I LOVED it. No one has ever straightened it like that before and I am contemplating a Chi Straightener. Does anyone have one? Yay? Nay?

3. My goal before the end of July is to have a Facebook page. Yes, I believe I am going to do it!
4. When driving to Las Vegas from Arizona, they are building a bridge so you don't have to drive through the Hoover Dam. Once this bridge is complete I will NOT be driving there anymore. I will be flying every time! You cannot tell me that this bridge can be safe. NEVER!

5. On Sunday after lunch with Tricia and Andy we stopped by the Splash Pad at Tempe Marketplace. I wasn't a fan of Splash Pad's before but how can you not be? It is ROASTING outside and when Rylee LOVES water....how can you not put your child in the water for a bit. I am going to have to travel with swimsuits from now on. I heard that they have a fun water park area at the zoo so I am thinking that I might have to try that one out next. It will have to be after the 114 degree weather though.

6. I need to stop going to the grocery store. Or any store for that matter. People are recognizing us! The cashier and greeter at Fry's know us (or maybe just Rylee and her bows)! Then when walking around Fry's, a lady says "Oh, you two were just at Target!" Yes, yes we were! How many days till school starts?

7. We lowered Rylee's crib down two spots. It is so sad because that just means she is not a little baby anymore! Do all the months/years go by as fast as the first one? She managed to climb onto the bottom of a little side table we have so we figured it was a matter of time before the monkey climbed her way out of the crib! I missed a picture since my memory card is full! :o(

8. Friday is surgery day and I can't wait till Thursday night to find out if it is the same anaesthesiologist as last time. (He called the night before last time, so I don't know if all of them do that or just this one?) The one Jackson had and the one Rylee had last time. He was amazing! What would the odds be?

9. I think I have a picky eater!! I would have never thought! Ha! Yesterday for lunch we started with little cubes of avocado and she cried. I then tried little chunks of banana, she cried. Then we moved on to Gerber broccoli, carrots and cheese and she cried. I searched for some applesauce, found it...ate it right up! Then she decided that the broccoli, carrots and cheese was ok to eat. Then at dinner same thing. Didn't want the macaroni and cheese, just the apples and peaches. Then cried again through the macaroni and cheese! Ugh. I thought maybe she was sick of the pureed stuff so I have been trying more "solid" foods. Who knows? I just know one thing....I think she gets the pickyness from Paul ;o)

10. Off to do some errands. More like returning errands. I had 5 different outfits for Rylee for family pictures so now I need to go and return the 4 she didn't wear. I am so proud that I am returning them and not just keeping them! There is only so much black and white a baby can can have!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ten on Thursday

1. I was super busy on Tuesday. We were gone from our house for 11 hours! Exhausting! I started by dropping off Rylee at Inez's house where she was greeted by all 5 (Including Inez) Gomez ladies!! I think Rylee was just as excited to see all them too! She had a blast!

2. While Rylee was partying it up at Camp Gomez, I was running errands, going to lunch with my teacher friends, and then spending a PAINFUL 3.5 hours at the dentist! July 17th is Lumineer Day! WAHOO! I can't wait. They are going to be Hollywood white! :o)

3. My first errand on Tuesday morning was Target. This is where I believe I lost my AMAZING coupon box that took me about 2 hours to make. I am really sad about this. I know that they were just coupons but I am proud to say I do use coupons and I get the Sunday paper delivered to my house, just for the coupons. I am glad that it wasn't my wallet, or my purse, but it really is sad to me. So embarrassing but I love coupons!

4. Rylee is getting tooth after tooth. The doctor said she should get one a month! Umm...I don't think so...we have 5 already! She is just a bundle of energy lately and I am anxious to start some new foods with these new chompers! I think she is over this Gerber stuff!

5. July is going to FLY by. Every day I am adding something to my calendar for July. We have Rylee's surgery, my dentist appointment, Uncle David coming to visit, lunches with teachers, Mother's Day Night Out. I am exhausted thinking about it all!

6. I have been super busy getting ready for Thomson family pictures on Saturday. We are going to do one big family picture with 15 people. There is a total of 6 kids for the picture so I am hoping they all cooperate for a least one shot! What are the chances? With all the wardrobe coordinating, hair and nail appointments, I am ready for this to happen! And then of course today, Rylee was playing with frames when Boom! One fell right on her nose! Why can I not have a professional picture taken withOUT a scrape on her nose?! UGH!

7. We returned from our first trip away from Rylee on Sunday. We left for Vegas on Friday at 2:00 and returned Sunday at 3:00. Gone for about 48 hours and it was definitely harder than I thought. It was relaxing and fun to be gambling but just hard to be away. Rylee has spent the night at my mom's house before but I think it was hard to know that if I did just want to go see her it would take 5 hours to get to her! I have seriously pondered how much Tylenol it would take to get through the flights to Scotland with a 1.5 year old!?! Maybe (hopefully) it will be easier then!! I could NOT imagine that flight going well. I think I will hand out complimentary ear plugs to the passengers upon boarding! Ha!

8. My tire drama with Honda was solved. They told me that my Honda Civic Hybrid tires at 27,000 miles were beyond the point of an alignment or rotation helping. My argument was that I was JUST there back in March and if they are THAT bad, then someone should have told me in March....not waited until they were beyond help!! So after much debate, we are getting two new tires free and we have to pay for the other two. Not a bad deal but the price of two tires at Honda would probably be the same price of four new tires at Walmart! Oh well. It's better than we expected them to do...so we will take it! I love my car so I was sad thinking I might be giving it back in a year!

9. Paul has signed up for two more scuba classes which I can only imagine come attached with more scuba trips. Oh the Joy! Why can't he like things that I like too? I just have one big fear of drowning so NO THANK YOU! And then football season starts which starts the unlimited amounts of volunteering at the stadium. I am praying very hard that this will be the LAST football season he has to volunteer! I HATE football just for this very reason. Although when he gets hired, I am sure he will be working SO much overtime that it will be just the same. (At least there will be a BIG paycheck that comes with not seeing him as much! Hopefully that will make it a little better. Poor Rylee, I will have to frame a picture of him for her room!) :o(

10. Happy Fourth of July to everyone! Have a safe and fun-filled weekend!