Friday, December 11, 2009


I am just IN LOVE with this commercial. I think it is just SO stinkin' adorable!

Go here and watch!

How cute are these boots!?! :o)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ten on Tuesday!

This dang day just sneaks right up on ya! I haven't even posted about Rylee's birthday weekend. YES! A whole silly weekend for a 1 year old!

1. Well this morning just started out SUPER! (insert sarcasm there!) Running late, got in my car, no gas....just great! Filled up at the gas station and five minutes later was pulled over by a cop for going 56 in a 45! YUCK! That stupid cop is always there too! SO mad!

2. Merry Christmas to me! I will be spending a Saturday before Christmas in driving school! Now who has time for that on a Saturday before Christmas!! I guess I will be out shopping with Rylee during vacation! Oh yay! (insert sarcasm!)

3. Rylee's one year check up is today after school. I usually beg Paul to come with me because of the first time I went alone (catch yourself up here!). Well of course Arizona trees must be made of toothpicks or something because every time there is a little wind (ha!) trees go down and fall into houses, fences, and roads. Which brings me to Paul and his crazy busy schedule today! YUCK! People need fences=Paul SUPER busy=me alone at the dr with Rylee with vaccinations and TWO flu shots! GREAT!!! (insert sarcasm!)

4. We turned Rylee's car seat around to face the front on Sunday night. She gets in the car on Monday morning and thinks this is the greatest thing ever! She has NOT taken a nap in the car since!! Ugh! This is not going to work! Or maybe it will....because I am a working mom that is ready for her 1 year old to only have one nap and be cranky for me all night! (insert sarcasm!)

5. Since Rylee has been in the car seat facing forward, she is either screaming her head off or laughing hysterically! Guess which one she chose to do when the cop pulled me over....LAUGH HYSTERICALLY! Ugh!! The one time I want her to be screaming and crying as loud as she can....she laughs!! I thought maybe the cop would take some pity on me and let me go if she was crying. Guess I will never know. Oh but she started crying right when we pulled away. S-T-I-N-K-E-R!!!!

6. On a happier note....the past four dinners I have made at home (not counting my crab muffin snacks over the weekend!) have been new recipes!! All have been good (except the tuna cakes that were good, but just not worth all the effort! Last night I made this.
It was really yummy! I love making meals like this because then lunches are made for the next day! LOVE that!

7. I am craving sushi and think I need a night out for some sushi and a movie! I have heard so many GREAT reviews about The Blindside that I think I might be 40 before I get to see it! Oh wait...I am still waiting to see The Hangover which I think everyone and their mom has seen too!

8. On Saturday we were at a birthday party for my niece, Phoebe. The party was at Skateland in Chandler and on the other side of the parking lot was a store called Ribbons and Lace. Well I just HAD to go in and check it out! MILLIONS and MILLIONS of ribbons (and lace) inside. While there I also signed myself up for a class to learn how to make the bows that Rylee wears (or insists on pulling off 100 times a day)! Paul is just too excited for me to take this class so he can stop seeing Etsy receipts in his email inbox. (If I was smart I would change the PayPal to my credit card not his....but I guess I am too lazy!)

9. I hate when my favorite item on a restaurant menu shows up on the Top 5 Worst things to eat at a restaurant! So annoying! THIS is one of the worst things on the menu at Cheesecake Factory! I think I order this about 90% of the time I go there! :o(

10. 8 more days till Christmas break! Wahoo!

Friday, December 4, 2009

1 Year Old!

I know everybody says it...but seriously....A YEAR!?! I feel like I was just getting ready to leave for the hospital to have her!!! I don't know if it's because I work but the time just flew by!! I think I had a meltdown yesterday morning so I won't bore you with my sob story about how I miss her being a baby but it's really, really hard.

Rylee Rose Thomson-today you turned one!! You have changed Daddy's and Mommy's life FOREVER! What a year it has have done so much, accomplished so much and have brighten SO many lives(with so many more to come)! You are very enjoyable to be around and the most perfect, happiest little baby I have EVER seen! You just know how to make everyone smile around you and are just fun lovin', happy goin'! You are the most beautiful baby girl and sometimes I am shocked that God chose us to be your parents. You are the light of our lives!
You are walking/running and into EVERYTHING. No words yet...but I just know they are coming!! You sometimes say hello and bye with your waving but not too often. I know when those words do start....WATCH OUT!! They probably won't stop!! ha! You just LOVE books and would listen to us read to you all day if we could!
You definitely fit well into the Thomson family! You love to eat and sleep....both Mommy and Daddy's favorite! My favorite part of the day is when you come up to me and wrap your arms around my neck and give my HUGE hugs!! Sometimes you even pat me on the back too! (I love it!) It's kinda like you are telling me...."Good Job, Mommy! Keep up the good work!" :o)

This first year with you has been amazing, you have taught me so, so much and I will be forever grateful to you for teaching me to how to be the most important (and favorite) job I will ever have, a mommy!
I look forward to all the years and all the happy memories you will create for us! WE LOVE YOU RYLEE ROSE!! Happy First Birthday Baby Girl!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Oh My Goodness! I received this from Tricia, Andy and Ollie today at school!! They are so thoughtful and considerate!! It was a HUGE surprise and definitely unnecessary. The cookies were delish though!! :o) I had to use the Internet picture since mine was dismantled in about 5 minutes. I had to give one to cute little Ollie who was standing there looking SO dang cute!! Then I took one home and shared the rest with teachers!

Oh My Goodness! I made this for the teachers for Rylee's Birthday Party at school tomorrow.

(Just love the glare from the toaster! ha!)

This was after I ran errands to Safeway to pick up the 36 cupcakes for the same party!! Of course I then had to run into Michael's, Party City, the dry cleaners and Kohl's! (My schedule today reminds me of what Mel Terkelson's schedule is like everyday!! Single mom, two wonderful kids, full time super-teacher...I swear she does it all with never complaining!) Love it!

Oh My Goodness! This sleeping beauty (yes she is under there somewhere!) will be ONE tomorrow!! I can't believe it, I won't believe it, I don't want to believe it!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. 14 more days of school until Christmas Break! YAY! Rylee and I will be shopping up a storm, baking cookies and just relaxing! (yeah right on that last one! that girl does NOT relax!)

2. I think this is the longest I have waited to order my Christmas cards. I need to be more on top of things! Especially when it takes 2 weeks to mail something overseas!

3. It's not a good thing when I feel like my students have "checked out" and we have 3 weeks left of learning! Especially since we are on the hardest chapter in our math book! Yuck!

4. Last year at this time I was finalizing sub plans for 8 weeks! I could definitely use 8 weeks off this year!

5. People have come and gone looking at our "clean" house and no offers! I bet it's because we live against the noisy street! I don't blame ya people!!

6. I just love the holidays and am kinda sad we are going against decorating for Christmas. I think my wreath and doormat are as festive as we are going to get this year! :o( (Although this does save me from saying "no" to Rylee 800 times to stay away from the tree!)

7. I am in need of a CD player/tape player for my classroom! Some Christmas music playing while the students work would be so relaxing!

8. I know it's only Tuesday but this week I am making all new recipes! (Expect for Wednesday because we are going to Paul's mom's house for David and Garet's birthdays! Two brother-in-laws with same b-day!) Last night I made this.....

Ravioli Bake. It was SUPER easy and SO yummy!!! (Ravioli, sauce, cheese...what's not to like!?!) The ravioli's went in FROZEN. Took me 4 minutes to make! LOVE THAT!
Tonight I am making these....

Tuna Cakes.....Stay Tuned!!

And then Thursday my plan is this.....
Saucy Mexican Chicken.
*I was even so nice to add the link to the recipe for y'all! :o) Super easy!

9. My plan for Rylee's Friday night meal (her actual birthday) was to make her favorite meal. Well considering she hasn't spit one thing out yet (except Gerber mac & cheese, and I can't blame her, that stuff looked nasty!) I guess that could be anything! I told Paul I wanted to go to Olive Garden since she LOVES olives but Paul thought I was crazy wanting to go to Olive Garden in "Sun City of the East" (that's what I call Alta Mesa) on a Friday night!

10. In my shopping cart for my one Cyber Monday purchase was 2 pair of boots and 3 pairs of flip flops. I am sure whoever is packing that box at Old Navy is a little confused! ha!