Sunday, February 22, 2009

So Sleepy!

This weekend must have worn Rylee Rose OUT! Friday night we went to Peter Piper Pizza for Chloe's birthday and Saturday night we went to Fiona's 80's birthday party! She must be PARTIED out because this is what I found after I was done unpacking groceries in the kitchen Sunday afternoon. She fell asleep at 11:45 during her favorite Baby Einstein and slept until 2! Crazy tired!

She was so smiley and happy all weekend! She likes sitting up now (with help of course) and I see her using the Bumbo chair in the near future.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ulterior Motives?!?...

I think so! But Paul doesn't seem to think so. So let's ask you! Here's what happened....

Paul comes home from work Wednesday night and was telling me that he talked to his mom (Anne Marie) during the day. I asked him what they were talking about and he responded that she called him to tell him that last night (Tuesday night) an old girlfriend from high school called her house looking for Paul. Anne Marie explained to Paul that at the end of her 30 minute conversation the ex-girlfriend asked if Anne Marie would give Paul her number for him to call her! WHAT?!? I don't think so! I told Anne Marie she should have told this crazy that he was happily married and doesn't want her phone number! (Anne Marie would NEVER say anything like that so of course she took the Crazy's phone number!)
Why would all of a sudden...after 20 years....(yes...20) would this ex-girlfriend be calling out of the blue?! Anne Marie found out during the 30 minute conversation that she is living in Arkansas, has been married for 10 years, has a 6 year old daughter and oh wait....her husband is out of town in Columbia! (Anne Marie's words "She was probably feeling lonely!") Well then don't call my your own!! CRAZY!
So I told Paul she was either calling because she is not happily married (and had ulterior motives) or the 6 year old daughter is his and she feels a need to tell him. (I said this BETTER NOT be the case since in June we will have known each other for 7 years!) Paul says that she probably just called to see how he was and what he has been up to lately. WHAT?! I don't think so. You didn't see me sitting around on my "lonely" 8 weeks of maternity leave looking up ex-boyfriends numbers to call them up "Just to see how they are doing!" No...I didn't because I am HAPPILY married. But would that have been ok.....? I asked Paul what he would think if I just picked up the phone and started calling ex-boyfriends "just to see how they were doing?" He said he wouldn't care and I responded "Yeah right! And I wouldn't do that because I don't's the past!"
I also told Paul it would be different if they were friends on Facebook or MySpace and talked there. He said no, that would be worse than calling each other and talking. I don't THINK SO! People are friends with EVERYONE on those doesn't mean you are going to hook up with them. (I am not a current user of either of those sites being a teacher and I would have to ask the opinions of the Facebook/MySpace users...but you have friends on there that are exes and don't talk to just requested them to see what they are doing, right? You don't call them up and chat with them?) So is it worse to call and talk to them on the phone...or worse to be friends with them on Facebook/MySpace? It's a lot easier to look them up on Facebook/MySpace and push a button "Request as a Friend" than it is to look up their name and phone number online. Which by the way, she told Anne Marie that she tried to look up Paul's number first but couldn't find him so then she went to his parents! All this trouble "Just to see how someone is doing?!" How many Ian Thomson's are there in the Arizona Yellow Pages anyway....did she call them all!?! Did she call all the Paul Thomson's first to see if any of them where him?

So does Paul call Crazy back? Does it matter that I care? If I didn't care would that mean that I am "secure" in my relationship, and because I care, I am not? Does this Crazy have ulterior motives? Or was she "Just calling to see how Paul was?" It's funny how the husband was away and out of town when she did call! Would he care that Crazy was calling Paul? Hmm....Maybe it was just a phone call....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tag! You're It!

I was tagged by my sister Colleen-here's the game: post the seventh picture in your seventh folder and tell about it. Don't cheat, just post what is there - then tag 7 other people (or as many as you want)! I started this while at school this morning and realized that my seventh folder of pictures didn't even have seven pictures in it-so I had to wait till I got home to look in my seventh folder on that computer.

Ty Ty and Rylee Rose (or Ry Bread as Jackson likes to call her) on the first of the Cardinals play off games. They both look so happy!
Now I tag: Lauren, Michelle, Jennifer W., Dianna, Amanda T., Grandma Bobbi, and Tricia. (Half of these people read my blog, but don't have a blog so maybe this will help them create one!)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2 Months Old

Our baby girl is two months old today. She is growing so fast and looks much older than 2 months. She went to visit the doctor today (no way to spend your 2 month birthday) and weighs 13 pounds and is 23 inches long . She also got some shots so she was not a happy camper! Poor thing! She is holding her head up pretty well, loves to visit the baby on the "other side of the mirror," and laughs along with Baby Einstein. Her favorite one is Baby's First Moves. She must love babies because that movie is filled with them and she just laughs along with them!! It's so cute. Once I figure out how to use the video option on the camera....there will be some cute baby laughing coming your way! I can't believe how fast two months has gone by. I just want to bottle her up and keep her a baby forever! I guess CPS would be at my door though.....

I forgot one MAJOR thing I miss about being home from the last blog. PAJAMAS!!! I miss sitting around all day in comfy, cozy pjs and not worrying about what I look like!! :o(

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Working Mom

Back to work for me! Monday was my first day back to teaching since Rylee was born. It was so sad but I had eight enjoyable weeks getting to know my baby girl. Rylee still gets to come with me to work in the morning and Miss Inez picks her up and then drops her off at school when she picks up her kids at my school. Good thing Rylee loves the car because she is certainly in it A LOT!! There are definitely pros and cons to being a stay at home mom and I know I only had a eight week taste of it.....I do miss it....sometimes.

Things I miss about being home:
  • My house being SUPER clean!! There were never any dishes in the sink. All the clutter was gone. All the laundry was caught up! My house has never looked so good :o)
  • Going out to lunch and having more than 25 minutes to enjoy my food!!
  • Having this cute little girl that depends on me to feed her, entertain her, and clean her! I miss getting to see her face 24/7.
  • Not being scared that I would miss a milestone and jealous that someone else gets to experience all the cute things she does.
  • Being all caught up on Blogs and emails.
  • Getting to go to the grocery store and mall in the middle of the day when it's not so crazy busy because mostly everyone else is at work.
  • Not having to yell at fourth graders all day and try to get them back on my rules, not the substitute rules. (They must have gotten to talk all day long with the sub!) I think I have set a record for 2 detentions and 4 people to the office already! I have been at work for a total of 10 hours!
Things I will not miss so much:
  • Having to clean my house ALL the time. I felt like I should be cleaning all the time since I was home all day. Like that was my job it was an obligation. :o(
  • Having my longer than 25 minute lunch interrupted. I get to sit at work and talk to adults with 25 whole UNINTERRUPTED minutes to eat my food. No crying babies there!
  • Not having my day revolve on a 3 hour schedule. Everything was done at 5, 8, 11, 2, 5, and 8. Now I am responsible for 3 out of the six feedings. Not too bad. (Unless we are talking about last night where Paul fed Rylee at 5 and then she fell asleep at 6:30. We both fell asleep with the TV and lights on at 7:30 and Paul didn't wake up until 9:00, which then woke me up!! We decided after much debate to let her keep sleeping and I would wake up with her in the middle of the night. She did not wake up again until 4:30!! Not too bad....only 1/2 hour off schedule! Those exercises that Miss Inez is doing...keep it up!! She was one tired baby!!)
  • That when Rylee does have a cranky moment that I am not the one that has to figure out what is wrong and have to soothe her. I am HORRIBLE at that. I am always thinking we are on our way to the ER every time she cries and it's not time to eat or sleep.
  • I still get to check emails and blogs at work. The students aren't with me ALL day. :o)
  • Going to the mall and grocery store when all the old people are out and about (I live in snowbird village!) and having to listen to all their comments about how I should not have a baby out when she is this young, how she is cold with what she has on, how she is probably hot with a blanket and the greatest question/comment of all...."How old is HE?" or "HE is so cute!" WHAT!?!? Do we not see the pink blanket with the pink diaper bag along with the pink bow in her hair!?! Seriously?!
  • Not having to worry about my fourth graders and wondering if they are learning all they are suppose to be! Which I believe they did because one of my students just asked if they were still going to be learning Spanish. They must have had a SUPER substitute. And unless I watch some more Dora and Diego...we will not be having Espanol class in my classroom.

We have chosen the best possible person to watch Rylee Rose and she is the best. Miss Inez has raised 5 SUPER kids and I know Rylee is in good hands and has 100% of Miss Inez's attention! She will be just as spoiled at her house as she is at ours. :o) One and a half days down and about 100 left to go before summer! :o) No cute pictures on this one I promise! I guess I have one more to add to "Things I miss about being home" list.....I had my camera with me ALL the time. I will have to take some pictures tonight so I have some new ones to post! :o)