Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. I am NOT looking forward to May. This is my attempt to not eat out the WHOLE month. I am going to try my best but I think I am going to be EXHAUSTED June 1st! I just realized that Cinco de Mayo falls in there! This is going to be HARD!! Do you really think it's cheaper to cook at home?

2. One wedding down, 2 more to go! Can't wait to go to the Hawaii and Scotland ones! Much more exciting than Chandler! :o)

3. Rylee is certainly one ROLLIE POLLIE OOLIE!! She is rolling all over the place and our carpet it turning into a rainbow. She is still spitting up so now we have splotches of orange and green on our carpet since we can't control where to put the burp cloth. Super fun!

4. Speaking of orange and green....Rylee Rose is well into the vegetables! She LOVES food and eats all of what I make! We have done beans, peas and carrots. I think sweet potatoes are next and then squash. We went to dinner on Sunday night and she sat in a highchair for about half of the dinner. (Of course it was the first half of the dinner when I didn't have to eat...but oh well.) We also gave her a sippy cup filled with water but she couldn't figure out how to get the water OUT! She just ended up getting frustrated! (Inez is going to practice with her during the week!) Sunday's dinner was our practice run for Olive Garden on Saturday since we are going during meal time! I foresee it being so much easier when she can eat puffs! :o)

5. Speaking of babysitters....what determines if you have a nanny or a babysitter? Why do rich people get to call their "care givers" nannies and us "poor" people refer to them as babysitters? Do nannies come to your house and a babysitter is one that watches them at their house? I just feel ridiculous calling Inez Rylee's nanny. Personally...I really just think of her as a friend that watches Rylee, all the while being jealous that she has the job that I want so much!

6. Only 23 more days of teaching until the summer! Wahoo! I think there is a countdown of hours in our teacher's lounge...something like 155 hours....CAN'T WAIT! I am really not even upset anymore that Safeway didn't call me back. I am going to enjoy my first summer off and not worry about working!

7. May is jammed packed with things to do. We have something on the calendar for every weekend. Well, maybe Paul had something to do....but to me, that means I am on my own while he is away which is work in itself!

8. Rylee is only 5 months old and yes, I have started to think about her schooling future. I have always wanted my kids to go to school with their cousins. I don't think that will happen anymore so I have started to think about other options. I can't wait for her to start school and the thought of a private school tuition doesn't scare me when we pay for child care now anyway. I think the private school is actually cheaper!

9. I feel like planning a Baptism is like planning a wedding. If I am going this crazy about a Baptism, I cannot imagine what birthdays, First Communions, Confirmations, and graduations will be like! Oh I just need a Phoenix home!

10. Big News! My future son-in-law(Stellan) was discharged from the hospital yesterday and is flying home today!! He is just too cute for words. And so is Rylee Rose so they would just be the cutest couple. Is it wrong that I have planned out my 5 month old's life? I think I can call myself a Stellan Blog STALKER!

I am mad that I forgot my camera on my way out the door this morning! I wanted to post a picture of Rylee next to Baby Stellan. Pictures tomorrow!

P.S. It makes me smile that Baby Stellan's name is also highlighted when spell check goes through. Same as Rylee's.....

Monday, April 27, 2009

Baby Steals

I am addicted to Baby Steals! I love this website so much and visit everyday! I really need to set a timer for when I get my Baby Steal email though because since I live in Arizona, I am 3 hours behind everyone else who get their emails when awake! I have loved EVERY single steal they have had and have wanted to buy at least 5 things that have been sold out when I got there. My favorites have been Blush, Your Topless Undershirt and the shopping cart covers. These have obviously have been big favorites also since they were sold out by the time I check my email in Arizona! :o) I will not give up day I will get a steal!! I am determined. I am one day going to succeed in all my bargins I look for! Everyone should visit this site....pregnant or just having kids....they ususally have something for everyone. The stuff makes awesome baby shower gifts too!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another Year....

I started off today not too thrilled for my birthday. Doesn't seem like a very exciting one and it's just one year closer to the big 3-0! 27 just doesn't sound as young as 23, 24, 25....
I am going to hate to be one of those people that dread reaching a milestone age, wanting to be young all the time. I hope that it doesn't happen to me...but if I am that sad over 27...then we can only wait and see what will happen at 30! Yikes! Well, I have had a pretty good day so far and wish I was treated like a princess everyday! It's only 11:00 (when I started this post) and I have already had a GREAT day!

Woke up and Paul made me Eggo waffles (deluxe I know!)
On my way to school I received a phone call from my MOM, wishing me happy birthday. First call of the day. :o) Along with so many text wishes throughout the day! :o)

Got to school and there were these AWESOME flowers on my desk that Paul had gotten for me! Along with a birthday card from Rylee Rose(and one from him too)! AMAZING. I was definitely surprised!!

Then right after I got off the phone with Paul to say "Thanks so Much!" The fifth grade teacher, Dee Dee, walked in with Starbucks! YAY! This day couldn't get any better! (The doodles on the calendar are my favorite! A doodler in school...a doodler on the job!)

Oh but wait...the day did get better!! In walks Colleen, Jackson and Ty Ty with balloons, doughnuts and a birthday card! Wahoo!

Then right as I am finishing up this post, in walks the delivery guy with more flowers from my friend Dianna!! Getting to be the end of the day so will have to post pictures of those beautiful flowers later.
Oooh...and now cupcakes from the Grofts. Dropped off on their way to San Diego. So jealous!
Thanks everyone for making this day SUPER special!! I love you all!!
(Hopefully sushi tonight will top of this great day!!)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. I had a whole list of things to do over Spring Break and I don't think I did any of them. I just felt "bleh" all week.

2. Every time I say "bleh" I picture Karissa singing "Um bleh went the little green frog, Um bleh." Now if I could just have a picture of Karissa's face when she sings the song...that would be great! It's just priceless....eyes closed...tongue sticking out like a frog. Good times right there. Brings me back to the clubbing days. Now the Buzz, could deserves a blog all of it's own! :o)

3. One of the things on the Spring Break list was plant a mini flower garden outside, which I had been talking about doing for a long time now. Paul mentioned about a week ago that he wanted to plant a vegetable garden that has tomatoes, jalapenos and cilantro. (He thinks he knows how to make salsa all of a sudden!) So on Sunday, Paul took Rylee to Home Depot and Walmart to buy the items for his "salsa" garden. Umm..HELLO?!?! What happened to my cute little flower garden?! WHATEVER! This better be some dang good salsa. As of right now (and the salsa garden isn't even done yet), we need to grow 50 pounds of tomatoes to get our money worth! (Don't think that's going to happen!) I told Paul that maybe I would have been more energetic towards planting my garden if I liked my house. Too bad he can't take his salsa garden with him when we move...if that EVER happens!

4. I seriously have to start these Ten on Tuesday things a week in advance because my life is SO not exciting enough that I can think of 10 things in one day.

5. Paul is the best man in a wedding on Saturday. He found out about this wedding exactly one week ago today. It is definitely wedding season. I think we have about 3 weddings coming up within a year. One is in Scotland....SO EXCITED!!

6. As much as my sister likes to try new places to eat, I think I am just a traditional girl at heart. I am comfortable with Olive Garden, Cheesecake Factory and Chili's. It's hard for me to venture out to new places. I am glad that I try them but usually never return. (Although Postinos might get me back for their $5.00 wine! It was some good Riesling at 11:00 in the morning!)

7. I have officially decided that I am SO looking forward to spending the WHOLE summer with Rylee Rose. During Spring Break, I couldn't decide which one is harder...working or being a stay at home mom. Well they both are hard all on their own, each one with it's own pros and cons, but I LOVED my time with Rylee and am missing her a lot this week! It is going to be so hard to go back in August after 2.5 months with her!

8. It was a year ago on Friday (4/18) that Paul, my sister and I sat in the ER waiting room on a Friday night for 3 hours waiting to find out why my pregnancy test that morning revealed a positive answer since I had been "spotting" for a month and a half. I was discharged about 5 hours after I walked in the door with "a threatened miscarriage." Now one year later we have a beautiful, healthy baby girl! We couldn't be more thrilled! (A Friday night in a Scottsdale ER was more entertainment than we could have asked for!)

9. The broken dishwasher curse needs to leave my house ASAP!! I cannot even imagine doing all those bottles by hand!! Silly curse...LEAVE NOW!!! Otherwise I will be at Lowe's bright and early Saturday morning!!

10. I got the first of Rylee's surgery bill in the mail yesterday and it is my goal of the day to get it lowered. I need to some how convince them that I need a lower bill. Wish me luck!! This will be easier now that I know I have to buy a dishwasher! I HATE being a homeowner! I wish I could go back and do it all over!

*One for extra!--I am so mad that I didn't have any orange for baby Stellan this morning. Pray for him as he had his surgery today. He is still in surgery right now! I was seriously debating going to Target this morning and getting an orange shirt. I should have! Love baby Stellan! He's SO cute!
I can't think of anything else.....
(Yay for the Howell's in their orange on Baby Stellan's page)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Four Months Old and Spring Break!

On April 4, Rylee Rose turned 4 months old. She is getting to be so big and learning more and more everyday! I am looking forward to spending the WHOLE summer with her! It will be a summer of fun and learning. She will be 6 to 9 months during that time so I can only imagine all the things she will be doing by then! It will be my first summer off so I know it will be a long summer but I will enjoy it while I can!

We went to her 4 month check up last Thursday and she currently weighs 15 pounds and 5 ounces. She is 25 inches long! Big Girl! We started her first taste of rice cereal that night and she loved it! Although the way the doctor's notes said to make it, I am sure it didn't really taste much like anything. Just formula off a spoon. But she lapped it right up like a puppy! :o) Since then we have also tried Oatmeal and Barely cereal. (That just does not sound appetizing to me!) Tomorrow night we are starting Green Beans. Oh I can't wait for the diaper changes then!

I had so many plans for my Spring Break and it turned out to be a LAZY week!
The goals for the week were:

-Plant a mini garden around our tree out front.
-File ALL my papers and put them in a file cabinet.
-Catch up on ALL laundry and put it away!
-Make Mother's Day invitations.
-Get Rylee's Baby Book all caught up!

Well I am sad to say that I didn't get anything done. I went out to lunch a few times, went to some stores, visited both Grandmas at work, and went for a walk with Rylee Rose. (Looking for some stupid pennies on the ground! Ugh! I need to stop being addicted to "coupons"!) I am going to work on the invitations today since that is approaching fast!

Here are some pictures to get you caught up on Miss Rylee Rose

She loves playing in her Exersaucer!

This is were she lies down and plays. Although her new thing is to scoot backwards and hide under the table. As you can see...we didn't loose her completely...there is a little hand sticking out at the top left. I don't know why we have toys. The coffee table is her own personal club house or something!

She can play under there for a long time. Talking away like there are lights or something under there! Nope...just some good quality, baby-entertaining Ikea wood.

"See mom...Daddy plays under the table too!" -Rylee Rose

"Look! I have toes!!" -Rylee Rose

First bite of food! Yummy! Could she be any daintier about it?

On Easter Sunday...looking just absolutely thrilled!

Trying to escape!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ten on Tuesday


1. Could NEVER live without TARGET!! I don't think I have ever walked out of Target without a single purchase! You can always count on Target to have something you need ANY day! I LOVE it!

2. I LOVE Amazing Race! I want to be on that show SO bad. I think the best case scenario would be my sister, Colleen, her husband Pat, Paul and I!! (They once had a family season) My sister thinks it would be a nightmare and doesn't want to go, Paul doesn't want to go on with me, and Pat just really wants to go also. So Pat came up with Paul and himself going! WHAT?!?! What happened to me!? I would be pleasant on that show! Why don't I get to go? I think that Pat and I should go...they have never had a sister-in-law and brother-in-law team!
3. Baby Einstein play mats! Endless hours of entertainment for Rylee Rose!

4. Sushi! I absolutely love it! I am counting the days till my birthday so I can indulge in some sushi again! YAY!

5. The Hills. I am addicted to this show and can't get enough. I am sad this is the last season but I can only hope and pray that it will end with Heidi and Spencer breaking up!

6. My Honda Civic Hybrid. Not only great gas mileage but I can drive in the carpool lane! (I bought this car while pregnant and not knowing I was pregnant but I got a good 8 months of driving by myself in the car pool lane!) It cuts a good 15/20 mintues out of my long drive to work!

7. I bet my Wii Fit would fit in on this page but yet it is still in the plastic from Christmas! Paul worked so hard on finding me one and I have yet to use it yet. It spent three months in the box and now one month just in the plastic. I am making progress! Maybe one more month it will come OUT of the plastic and then by summer I will use it!
8. Babies R Us!! I could spend hours (and hundreds of unnecessary money) in this store. I love ALL of the new things they come out with ALL the time. Once again...I always find something in that store! They always have something that I feel I need!
9. Jodi Picoult books. I love to read and she is my favorite author!
10. Safeway bakery. I do all of my grocery shopping at Fry's but yet every weekend I will go to Safeway for my bakery items. A unnecessary stop but they are SO yummy! (Although they are not on my good list right now since I filled out an application online about 2 weeks ago for a night time cashier and they haven't called me back! I thought a couple hours at night would keep me sane and give me something to do since I will be sitting at home all summer.)
*I wish Old Navy would have made this list but I am still a little bitter about not getting an AWESOME coupon last week so hopefully by the next favorite list it will make it! One more shot this week at these coupons!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Bring it on Old Navy...BRING IT ON!

Well I am addicted to these coupon sales! I set my alarm last night for midnight since last week the site was reset at 3:00 in the morning EST. Well it took me at least a good 10 minutes to realize that the site was reset but I didn't realize this at first because the boy picture on the right is the same as last week. So I finally found one of the coupons because it was something like last week where something was flying across the page after you vote ...except this week it took long to appear on the page. So this time it was a stupid little fluttering hummingbird that you could not catch worth your life!! So I finally got smart, found an actual mouse (not the laptop touch pad that was doing diddly SQUAT for me) plugged it in and got hunting on this hummingbird. The coupon counter on top still said they had about 400 left of the $50 of $100 coupons but when I finally "shot" this bird the message came up scandal...the coupon is already gone. ( I say "shot" the bird because I feel like at midnight, when one is supposed to be sleeping, I was going at it like I was playing Duck Hunt or something). I was even on the site when it said there were a couple $75 off $100 coupons left. UGH!! Now it is 5 in the morning and I have not gone back to sleep because of this silly Old Navy site. Oh but you can bet I will back next week!!! I am on Spring Break next Thursday night also so bring it on Old Navy...Bring it on!! I am on to your tricks and I am going to get one of the coupons!!

If this was Banana Republic or JCrew, I would so not be doing this since that would be like one shirt I could get. But this is Old Navy we are talking about here you KNOW how many clothes I could get for $100 and only have to pay $25 for?!?!

Now today I am just tired and cranky. I would so not be cranky, just tired, if at least I had gotten the coupon! I would be online I am just online. :o(

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I did it!

I jumped on the Ten on Tuesday bandwagon and I am giving it a shot! Here is goes....Ten things going on in the world of the Thomson's!

1. All Paul wants to do in life is be a firefighter. He volunteers 24 hours a month and has for the past 6 years! As Andy Groft would say..."Why would they hire you Paul? You are their best UN-PAID employee! You do all the work for free!" I think that Paul has shown his dedication by now! It sucks to see someone want something so bad and not be able to do anything about it!

2. Today is a field trip with my fourth grade class to JA BizTown and it lasts ALL day. Tomorrow we go to Castles and Coasters and Thursday we have half day. What a waste of a teaching week! Spring Break I am SO ready!

3. I feel sorry for all the people in the world that are facing infertility. Some of the blogs I follow have been struggling with this problem for 3-6 years! I can't imagine what they go through. I LOVE my daughter and cannot imagine life without her. I complain about what I would have to pay now to have another one (or to prevent having one) and I just sit and think about what they must pay to have one. It's extraordinary what it costs to have a baby if you can't have one and WANT one SO bad. I am currently looking into becoming a surrogate mother. I think that would be so great!

4. Paul is planning his next get away...yet again. Scuba Diving in May in California. Oh the life of Paul Thomson....maybe he should start a blog, it would probably be more interesting. ;o)

5. I can't wait till May to see if I can follow through with not eating out for an entire month. I have already tried to think of 31 different meals and that part has already been challenging enough! I would say that it might help my bank account in May but come June...I will be broke as heck because I won't want to eat at home EVER! (I already have to break this promise since my Grandma's 80th birthday is in May and she wants to go to Olive Garden. How can you say no to that!?! :o)

6. June 1st is my estimated time date for "Get rid of all pacifiers in the house" day! Rylee doesn't really need one and doesn't take it very often but I think I will just throw them all away and see how it goes from there! :o)

7. Easter is my favorite holiday!! I love Spring, April is my favorite month and I LOVE Easter candy!! This house has probably been through 5 bags of jelly beans in the last 5 weeks! I know what I am giving up in Lent next year!

8. I LOVE Old Navy!! I am stalking their site hoping for some great coupons! I am desperate for a $75 off $100. is where to go for these awesome deals. They reset their sites usually every Friday but at stupid hours like 3 in the morning. But since I am up at 5 every morning anyway...I am hoping I have a good shot this week! Last week I got a 20% of one item and a 50% off one item coupons. I got to use them in one transaction!

9. Looking forward to hopefully starting rice cereal with Rylee Rose on Friday. She is still spitting up a lot so we are wondering if maybe the doctor will put her on soy based formula. Every time we go though he doesn't seem concerned because she is gaining weight. She is known as the "Happy Spitter." All I have to say is I am SUPER glad we didn't get those brand new couches at Costco Home right before she was born! Although, maybe if I had...Grandma Bobbee wouldn't cry when she came over and Aunt Colleen would come over more! (They HATE our couches!) Ha Ha!!

10. I am obsessed with Home Depot and if I cared about our house and I wanted to live there forever (which I don't) I would be SO broke!! I can think of at least 5 things I would love to do to our house to make it prettier but I have NO desire to put any more money into this house since I don't want to live here anymore. But since it seems I am stuck here until the market turns around, I am going to try and plant some flowers over Spring Break (but not if it costs a lot of money!).

Well that is my first attempt at Ten on Tuesday. It did take me awhile to actually think of 10 but got it done! Next week should be a little easier since I will have had 5 days of Spring Break done. Updates and Pictures to come next blog after her four month check up on Thursday!