Friday, September 25, 2009

Ten on Friday...Picture Style!

Going through my camera, I have noticed I have a lot of pictures from things we have done and I haven't posted them! Here is a 10 on Friday...with Pictures! :o) (This has been written and waiting to go since Tuesday but I HATE downloading pictures!)

1. We took Rylee to a splash pad awhile back and she LOVED it. I know some are not fans of these but when your child loves something as much as mine love just deal with it. I am NOT a fan of the parents who sit there and don't watch their crazy children trying to run over my little one but I am in there with Rylee so I just knock down the big kids myself! :o) Being in there makes me think I need to bring a swimsuit myself because Paul and I were soaked at the end!

2. Every year for Mother's Day, we plan an outing that all the girls go and enjoy. This year it was dinner at the Hyatt Gainey Ranch and gondola rides! So much fun!

3. We had a mini staycation at Arizona Grand over Labor Day and had SO much fun. It was raining the first day there so we headed across the freeway to my ALL time favorite (next to Sushi Ave. of course!) Joe's Crab Shack!! Delish! And yes, that was MY drink. YUM!

4. Rylee is a CLIMBER!! My sister's kids weren't climbers so I am not quite sure what to do with this issue. She climbs into suitcases, out of highchairs (even when strapped in), onto our bed (we have a low IKEA bed), anything she can get her little body onto...she's up there! Ugh....MONKEY! Any suggestions would be helpful! I guess just waiting till she understands the word no will have to do for now....

5. We had lunch with Tricia, Andy and Ollie at Benihana's on Labor Day. They have some amazing lunch specials for Monday through Friday! If you able to go during the so! I snapped this fun picture and sent it out in Rylee's Grandparent's Day cards! I did snap one of the Groft family but Tricia would kill me if I added it on here so I guess I will be nice to the pregnant lady! ;o)

6. We headed out to Sushi Ave for Ian's birthday since he is also a big fan of the sushi! Lorna and Garet joined us and we all had a GREAT time. The five of them headed to a movie after and Rylee and I headed home. (Not too sad about it since I really didn't want to see the movie anyway!) Only one more year till Ian turns 16!!

7. The day after Ian's celebration, we went to Peter Piper Pizza to celebrate Tricia and Andy's son Ollie's birthday! He turned the big 3!! This was Rylee's first birthday party she might have had a clue to what was going on! She had a blast! It was her first time eating pizza and she LOVED it!

Nope, it's not upside down....just Rylee's new favorite thing!

8. The day after that celebration was my mom's birthday celebration! BUSY weekend! I was trying to snap a cute picture of the stinker in football gear for so I could redo my blog, football style but this stinker was NOT cooperating that day! I guess I will have to wait to redo the blog. She definitely does NOT look like that header picture anymore!

9. This past weekend, Lorna, Anne Marie, and I headed to Vegas for a girls weekend/bachelorette party! SOOO much fun! We gambled, ate, shopped and went to see Thunder From Down Under. SUCH a good show! Recommend it to anyone....especially fun for bachelorette parties! There was no pictures allowed in for the show so the best I could do was a picture of the outside of the theater! It seems to be that I always "win" when Paul isn't with that bad? And when I say "win" I just came back with my money that I left with, after eating, shopping and show watching. Which I guess is winning to me! Free vacation...LOVE it!

The picture below is Anne Marie winning us big one the slots. We each put in $10 for a dollar slot machine and each left with $50! Wahoo!

This picture CRACKS me up! I really want to send it in to Jay Leno. It was outside a buffet that is advertised all over Vegas and inside the Excaliber. When walking out of the show, this is what I saw....WTF?!!? Is anyone else seeing what I see?

10. Number 10 doesn't have a picture from me....but a link to a picture of me and Paul! Paul's boss Brad is a DJ and starting a website for his business. They were googling AZ DJ's to look at some other sites of DJ's and the first website they googled has a whole bunch of wedding vendors on it and Paul and I are the first picture that pops up! (You have to wait a minute for the image to appear. We are on the top of the page.) You sign a little piece of paper saying "yes, you may use me for advertising" but you never know where you might appear! TOO FUNNY!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And these are a few of my Favorite Things...

Well, I have a million pictures all ready for a post stored away on my camera.....but I don't have my camera and can't find the energy, the motivation or the desire to go and get the camera!! Although I will have to before Vegas this weekend! Yay! So excited and can't WAIT!

So for is a list of some of my favorite things at the moment.

1. White Cheddar Cheez-Its! I have a box in my closet at school and take it with me to lunch everyday! Obsessed! Why I can't just put them in a baggie...I am not quite sure...but it's with me everyday!
2. Biter Biscuits! Yes I found them and they are a life saver when getting home with Rylee Rose and she is hungry. I am trying to feed her what we are eating for dinner and I need some time to get the dinner ready! She will sit in her highchair and chomp away at one of these for at least a couple minutes to buy me some time to get the dinner started and cooking!
3. Sunbeam timer! We are in testing week at school and I swear the kids would be getting hours to work on each test if it wasn't for this thing! LOVE it! The clock is behind me while sitting at my desk and I have LOTS of grading papers to catch up on so I can definitely loose track of time!
4.! I have been busy planning away our fall/winter! (Whatever seasons we have here in Arizona!) Halloween costumes, birthday outfits, Christmas presents galore! October through December ALWAYS seems to be the busiest three months of our lives and I like to be prepared! I am a planner and always start early! Yes, I have ordered her Halloween costume already and yes, it is from Etsy! SOO cute!
5. Advil! Testing week, construction starting at school, and planning overload= major headache! Only more to come I am sure! Progress Reports, Festival at school, and Fourth Grade Sunday Mass. OMG....OVERLOAD!!! I think I see a break in my calendar around January....

6. Dr. Brown Sippy Cups! Rylee Rose loves these! I am a big fan of Dr. Brown and love the products. BPA free EVERYTHING!
7. Snickers Ice Cream Bars! LOVE them. It's kinda weird too because I am not a fan of the regular Snickers but you add some delicious ice cream to it....YUM!
8. Sharpie Pen! I have always been a fan of ALL sharpies....but we can't get any better or thinner than the pen version! LOVE it! I have school boxes filled with all the kinds of sharpies in my desk and school and home! Don't leave home without one! :o)

9.Reality TV! Big Brother is over (YAY for Jordan winning!) but I am not too sad since the new season of the Hills starts (Tues. Sept. 29) and so does a new season of Amazing Race(Sun. Sept.27)!! At what age will I actually stop watching these shows?

10. Fajitas! Cooking them at home, eating them at Chili's, or better actual Fajitas!! There is a restaurant in Phoenix that is called Fajitas and has the BEST fajitas. Our school is having a fundraiser on Monday in which 15% of your bill goes to my school! Umm....yes I will be there! And hopefully you can be too!! Let me know if you want to come too! (You need a flyer so text me or leave a comment and I will bring you one!)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

100th Post!!

It's my 100th post and I have no idea what to do for a giveaway! Karissa's idea was too cute and I couldn't compete with that so I will have to keep thinking of something creative for 200! :o) I better get blogging more to reach that soon! So instead I thought I would do a "10x10 on Tuesday" post. Almost a 100 facts about me. It will keep you reading for awhile! :o)

1. I LOVE sushi. (I was not so willing to try it at first but now I feel like I need it once a week.)
2. I have one daughter and am thinking I would like more.
3. My husband and I have a 13 year age difference and it doesn't seem like it at ALL!
4. I have ALWAYS wanted to move back to Phoenix and now that it's happening....I am having SUCH a hard time with the decision!
5. I am so glad that I love where I work! How many people can say that?!
6. I am one of FEW people that I know that can seriously say, "I LOVE my in-laws!"
7. I want a husky for a pet but really don't know if that would be mean in Arizona with all their fur.
8. It's September and I am already thinking of Rylee's birthday party in December!
9. I want to be a surrogate mother one day and can't wait for Scotland to go by so I can start researching more seriously!
10. I LOVE fall! I wish I lived somewhere where it actually became fall, but I love the decorations and the candle scents for fall!
11. I live in a place that really only has two seasons. In Arizona, it seems like we just have a summer and a winter.
12. I feel like a different teacher now that I have kids. In a way I want to be nicer because I don't want a teacher to be mean to Rylee. :o)
13. I am debating whether to upgrade my cable channels to get HBO and Showtime to see what all the hype about True Blood is.
14. I believe I had a GREAT childhood and my wish is for Rylee to say the same!
15. I wish I knew a guy I could set my mom up with to go out on a date!
16. If I do have another child, I would want another girl so Rylee could have a sister. I feel like everyone needs a sister! I love mine!
17. I love the show Amazing Race! Still want to be on it one day but seem to get the idea that no one wants to be on it with me. But Paul seems to be a HOT choice to be partners with!
18. I always wonder why some people feel the need to ask questions that are really none of their business!
19. I hate going to the grocery store hungry because I always come home with more than I need! 20. I want to get back into scrapbooking but it's so dang expensive.
21. I want to open up a place that delivers breakfast! We are never home for breakfast during the week and don't plan well enough to buy items for weekend breakfasts!
22. I would love to stay home with Rylee but feel like I would get bored quickly. Especially at the age she is now.
23. I always need a little something sweet after meals.
24. Is anyone actually still reading this?
25. I need Rylee needs to start eating regular food because Gerber is receiving WAY TOO MUCH of my money at the moment!
26. Sometimes I feel like I work just to support Gerber, Pampers and Similac!
27. I love that Rylee is SO loved by so many people. Her birthday invite list is going to be SUPER long. Uh-oh! Maybe two seperate parties are in order...
28. I am glad that once we move we won't have to change pediatricians. Glad I didn't choose a Mesa one!
29. I am thinking that Rylee is going to be lactose-intolerant to some degree. It seems like it comes from both of our families so I am thinking she might have gotten it.
30. I really was hoping to do a giveaway since it seems to get those "closet" readers to comment.
31. I would love to win the lottery! I am hoping one day.....
32. I am thinking I will need to convince Paul on sending Rylee to private school. I think I will win but WHY wouldn't you?? It can't be more expensive then daycare! :o)
33. Uniforms should be reason enough for me!
34. The Best of Phoenix magazine is one of my favorite magazines. Next to People!
35. My mom is a great mom! (Another wish: For Rylee to say that someday!)
36. Last night I had 10 hours of sleep! Thought today was going to be great until Rylee dumped a whole glass of water on the bed this morning which added laundry to the morning list of things before heading out the door!
37. Even though my family fights, I wouldn't trade them for anything. I love my family! Both of them!
38. I would LOVE to try living somewhere different, like a different state, but I know that I would miss our families WAY too much. I obviously have a difficult time with change since I am having a hard time with a different CITY!
39. I am glad that I get to experience the "working-mom" title and the "stay-at-home mom" title. Even though the stay-at-home title is only for 2.5 months, I feel like I get to experience both worlds. Both equally come with there own pros and cons!
40. I am still hoping to go back to school one day to get my masters! I would love to be a counselor in the future! I just don't like homework! :o( (Grading it or doing it!)
41. I am ADDICTED to Target! I seriously can't go in there without spending some money.
42. I am glad that Paul is addicted too! When talking about where to move, he said we need to drive around and get an idea of the neighborhood. Like where the closest parks, grocery stores and TARGETS are located!
43. When Paul and I lived in an apartment in Chandler, it was right across the street from a Target!! I think that was Paul's favorite place to live! lol.
44. I am hoping that Rylee will be a good traveler from now on. She wasn't so much in Prescott. I am thinking/hoping that it was just because she was getting sick!
45. I am grateful that I don't have a job that requires me to be outside in the Arizona summer heat. Only for 15 minutes every Tuesday and Thursday for recess duty! ;o)
46. I love the fact that my sister-in-law calls me her sister! So sweet. I just puffy heart her!
47. I think I am in need of a vacation! Like a real vacation...far away that includes a beach and a drink with a little umbrella! :o)
48. I have started working when I was 16! (Babysitting started probably when I was 14!) This past summer was the first time EVER that I did not work!! I LOVED it! Although since I love money, I think I might find a job next summer.
49. A good thing about moving: You get to de-clutter and start fresh! Ahh...a clean start!
50. Half way done! 49 more things about me to go! :o) A giveaway would have been much easier! ha!
51. I am having a hard time deciding what Rylee should be for Halloween. There are SO many cute, cute choices! I only have one year before she can talk and tell me what she wants to be!
52. After my crazy morning today, I forgot to defrost something for dinner so it looks like I will be at Cheesecake Factory using my free piece of cheesecake coupon! Something to look forward to!
53. Rain, rain go not ruin my "stayaway!" (a.k.a. staycation!) Sitting inside a hotel room with my family is not why I paid money to go to the Arizona Grand this weekend!
54. I hate laundry! I have debated over taking it somewhere to get it done but that still would not help since that is the part I don't mind. I need someone to come put it all away for me!!
55. Lunch time is the best part of the work day! Too bad it only lasts 25 minutes!
56. I want the Blogher convention to be in Phoenix so I can attend. Having it in New York City is not helping me!
57. I just love blogging. I love reading blogs too! I feel like I read too many sometimes! Shouldn't it be required for everyone to have a blog? I think so!
58. Today is going by SUPER slow! Maybe it's because I am looking forward to my cheesecake tonight!
59. I was a Eucharistic Minister at Xavier and now am one at St. Louis the King and have my first mass tomorrow. Wish me luck so I don't fall down the stairs! :o)
60. Don't Fourth Graders require a nap time in their daily schedule? Oh, I wish they did!
61. We are on the three month count down to no more formula! YAY! I am just hoping it's not going to be Soy milk I am going to have to buy next! Dang that stuff is expensive!
62. I don't think I am going to have anything to say next Tuesday on my 10 on Tuesday! :o)
63. Paul is a SUPER dad and Rylee is SO lucky to have him as her daddy.
64. I am dreading the day Rylee starts school and I have to send her to a school other than my own! I don't have an issue with my school at all but we only have one class of each grade and I DO NOT want to be her teacher!
65. I think that I might have gotten Paul hooked on Big Brother. (He has watched two!) I wished he watched all my reality tv shows with me!
66. Why don't kids like to sit and "AR" read for 40 minutes!?! I would just love for someone to tell me I could sit and read uninterrupted for 40 minutes every day!
67. I love water with lemon! My teacher friends make fun of me and tell me I should just order lemonade by the way my cup looks at the end of a meal!
68. I love that Paul's mom asks if Paul is always good with Rylee or if it's just an act when they are around. NOPE! He is just ALWAYS really good with her. She definitely has him wrapped around her finger.
69. I feel like I could make a Mastercard commercial for Rylee. $100 for a new phone. $40 for a new vase. $10 for a new bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. $2 for a new tub of wipes (after she pulled them all out!) Having the sweetest baby girl in the world....PRICELESS!
70. Rylee is a biter. She just randomly walks up to people and bites them! Inez's (Rylee's babysitter) theory is to have them bite themselves back. Well...this didn't work. Rylee just chomped away at her hand! ha! My theory is to bite them back! I tried...I just can't bring myself to do it hard enough that she gets the point. I don't think she is really getting the point of either at 9 months!
71. As much as I hate Shark Week, sometimes there is actually something interesting on it. I should do a lesson on sharks in my class because I feel like I know so much about them!
72. I love decorating for Christmas! To get a tree or not to get a tree with a 1 year old? That is the question.
73. I think Rylee's hair will be a mixture of blonde, brown and red. All three! She will just have to choose one when she goes and gets a drivers licence! What does Aunt Lorna choose?
74. My daughter is 9 months old and still hasn't be in a swing. A swing in a park. She went in a baby swing once and I had never seen spit up fly so far so she never went back in there again! I am thinking she is ready for a park swing! Where is the fall weather!?!?
75. This is much harder than it might appear!
76. I think that everything happens for a reason! I always wanted to be a cashier in a grocery store growing up so I decided in college to fulfill that "dream." That's when I met Paul. Go figure! 77. I am typing this during my student's lunch time. They eat lunch in the classroom. A child is adding hot cheetos to his sandwich and smooshing it down and now enjoying! Makes me think what Rylee is going to do when I am not around! ha!
78. I don't like ends of things! Crusts, corners of cakes/brownies, ends of hotdogs (either one).
79. I love baking! Another reason why it needs to get cooler! So I can turn on my oven and not feel like I am sweating to death after 15 minutes of it being on!
80. Paul's name for fantasy football couples league is "Nightmares of Two" Mine is "Dreams of Two." That shows you where Paul stands on more kids! ha! Last year was "Eating for Two" and "Drinking for Two." Had to change since that didn't apply anymore!
81. I was supposed to get a blog makeover and was hoping to get one before my 100th post but have been procrastinating on doing it! I need to get it done. I feel like everyone elses is so cute that mine wouldn't be as cute!
82. I am sad that now when driving I can't turn my volume louder than an 8 because I am afraid to wake Rylee up. I miss some loud music in my car sometimes!
83. Someday I will have a black car! Silly Honda Civic Hybrids not coming in black!
84. Paul thinks it's ridiculous that I live in Arizona and want a black car! Hello!?! The tinting has got to help some...right?!
85. My biggest fear when moving....Paul complaining about the 45 minute drive! I am just so use to it!
86. We have half day on Friday and the teachers have to stay until 2! SO not fair! Silly accreditation process!
87. I feel like when my grandparents die they should die together because I don't know what one will do without the other.
88. On our ladies night out Saturday night, my grandma had two sips of a gin and tonic and shared with us what we should all wear to her funeral. Sad. (It has to be something nice!)
89. I hope to be married as long as my grandparents are! They are just amazing people!
90. I would love to try camping at least once! I mean like real camping, not in a cabin!
91. My dad is a great dad. (Last wish: Rylee to say that when she is older!)
92. When they sell a "convertible crib" in the stores...don't you think it should just come with the "convertible" parts!! You would think that would make the most sense!
93. My mom is scared of the swine flu which now makes me addicted to washing my hands! Every time I walk by the restrooms, kitchen, wet ones on my desk, antibacterial in purse and diaper bag! My hands will be SO dry from all the cleaning! But I will be healthy!
94. I am glad that I got into Fantasy Football. It really is fun and I like getting together to watch and "compete." It's even fun when you don't win!
95. When do little girls get enough hair to "style"? I am too excited to put Rylee's hair in pig tails and braids! When oh when?
96. I have learned my lesson about Target Clearance! When you see an item on it then! It will NOT be there when you go back in a week! Ugh! So annoying! I have lost out on some good sales!
97. My dream car right now would be a Toyota Sequoia. It's funny to think that a year and a half ago it was a Lexus IS250.
98. I LOVE the fact that I get pictures texted to me of Rylee during the day! You wouldn't get that kinda service from a daycare facility. (Or anyone else!) Even if the picture yesterday was of Rylee holding a St. Mary's plush football!
99. I am so glad that Target and Walmart actually have CUTE clothes for babies/toddlers! And for cheap! I think I find more at those two places than at Macys, Dillards, Nordstroms....
100. Yes, a giveaway would have been better but just think of all the things you now know about me that you didn't before! Have a great Tuesday!