Friday, June 27, 2008

16 Weeks Along....

We went to the doctor yesterday for a 16 week check up. They listened to the heartbeat and it was 157 beats a minute. Still above the 140 beats so according to that's a girl.
I have had lots of signs for boy though. Paul finally let me buy some draino crystals and so we took them home to only find out that we are BOTH having boys. According to the "myth" you spit in draino crystals and if it pops and fizzes then it's a boy. And that's exactly what it did when Paul and I BOTH spit in it! So much for that theory!
I have also had one dream regarding what my child will be and it was a boy. Everyone in the room in the dream said "Are you sure?" "Did you double check?" Can we all tell what my family wants me to have?
July 10th is the big day for the ultrasound so it will be settled for once and for all and mayeb Paul and I can concentrate on picking a name! Hopefully the baby is positioned right so we can see! Keep you all posted.....

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Myth #2

A needle on a thread held over your belly moves in circles, so you will have a boy.
So we tried this one last week with a ring on the thread and it just kept going in circles. So it's going to be a BOY! Five more weeks till we find out for sure but we'll keep testing!